A Fun Evening

Saturday night was The Whitney Awards Gala. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my wonderful husband, my two beautiful daughters and my in-laws.

At our table, we were joined by the talented Kristin Chandler (who was nominated for her YA novel Girls Don't Fly) and her teenage son, Clark. They were good company and we enjoyed sharing the evening with them.

Gifted didn't win, which is the outcome I expected, but I was thrilled with most of the people who did. I met Carla Kelly (who won in romance for Borrowed Light) and Gale Sears (who won in historical fiction for Letters in the Jade Dragon Box), both amazing women.

The meal was delicious. The asparagus was cooked perfectly and Veronica didn't want hers, which made me very happy.

I was very touched by Gale Sears remarks when she won her award and I want to paraphrase them here. She paid tribute to all who write--whether it's novels, poetry, short stories, journals or letters. There is value in each of those things. She also said it's important to leave our egos out, because EGO equals Edging God Out.

It was a treat to be there among so many talented and generous people. I feel very blessed.


Cami Checketts said...

Thanks for sharing what Gale said and congrats on being nominated for the Whitney! What a beautiful family you have.

Tawnie said...

Awesome Karey!! What an honor to even be there! And have a book published! And to just be awesome! ;) Cause you are.
Love you lots.

missy said...

Oh, I wish you would have won, but how cool to be a published author whose first book was nominated for such a cool award!! It sounds like it was a very nice evening. How fun to get all dressed up. You all look so classy!