When Bruce's high school graduation ceremony was taking place, we were driving I-84 across Oregon, enjoying the views of the Columbia River, en-route to Seattle, where we were boarding our Alaskan cruise. We were listening to good music and enjoying being a family. We'd had to go that particular week because it was saving us over $1,000 on our tickets.

At one point, I said, "Sorry you're missing your graduation ceremony, Bruce," to which he responded, "I'm not. This is way better than having to sit there for three hours. I'm still graduating and that's the important thing."

And he did. After our trip, we went to the school office and picked up his diploma.

Veronica wanted to do the same thing. With a missionary out, we decided we'd schedule our family trip so that we'd be somewhere between Utah and San Diego during her commencement ceremonies. The idea of paying a chunk of money for a cap and gown and sitting through a 3-hour rehearsal and a 3-hour ceremony didn't appeal to her. We were okay with that.

Unfortunately, 5th grader Joe, had other things in mind. He'd spent the entire year working toward perfect attendance. We didn't want to punish him for a worthy goal, so we set our time of departure for the day he gets out of school. Which is two days after graduation.

This didn't change Veronica's plans. She hasn't flaunted her plans. She's just quietly gone about her business, accepting a shift at work that will take place during her graduation.

The only thing that's been difficult is some people's reactions to her decision. Most are shocked and have told her how much she'll regret it. Those who have questioned her decision don't understand Veronica. I'm certain she's never going to regret it. I'm positive that she'd rather buy a text book with the cap and gown money than rent the cap and gown. I know that she's an amazing student with much to be proud of, but I also know she isn't worried about everyone knowing it.

Tonight she was telling me about her latest encounter with someone who was sure she'd live to regret this decision. Veronica said, "I think it would have been easier for her to handle it if I'd told her I was pregnant instead of that I wasn't walking for graduation," and we had a good laugh.

For any of you who might be worried that Veronica is making a dreadful mistake, let me assure you that Veronica is comfortable with her decision and while she might regret not spending money on a cute dress she saw or a great pair of shoes, I'm certain she's not going to regret not walking.


Kristi said...

I agree with her. Graduation was lame and expensive. My parents made me walk when I graduated college and that too was overrated. I am glad Spencer shared my practicality and chose not to walk when he graduated college. It saved us money, time, and boredom. said...

I hope we didn't upset her with our surprise of her not going.. I was so vested in High School and that is the perspective I was coming from.. we are all different and I didn't consider hers so we Apologize

June M. said...

I walked when I graduated HS (mainly for my mom) but when I graduated from college, there was no way I was going to do that! Way too much time & trouble, not to mention expense. My niece just graduated on Friday and she had decided not to walk, but then changed her mind about a month or so ago. I think she did it mainly for her friends. We were all fine with her decision, whichever way she went. Since I tend to have panic attacks in crowds, I was very worried about it. Luckily, I did alright though, not to bad but it was hot and crowded. I ended up having to go out for a few minutes during all the long ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Veronica. You graduated with superior grades, you have received a great education and have earned the right to make this choice. Whether you "walk" for graduation or not will not "make or break" your future. You are a talented and beautiful young lady. CONTINUE to have a wonderful life.
Love and miss you. Grandma H

Tawnie said...

wow. I am more shocked by Kristi's comment than by this post. I say to each his own. John walking with college was important for our children because college is important and we want them to see the reward and the excitement of finishing a goal. High school walking I never even thought about being an option. Plus I never would have wanted to miss that experience with my friends.
Really, I have no opinion because it's different for everybody. Just surprised to see that it became a choice.

Tawnie said...

And CONGRATULATIONS America. We're super excited for your future endeavors and we appreciate the great example you have been for Emily!!! Love you lots.