The Best Part of Our Vacation

What was the best part of our week at Oceanside?
 Maybe it was that everyone got along and there were no big fights.

Maybe it was that the weather was perfect.
 Maybe it was that Veronica's friend came to join us partway through the week.
 Maybe it was that since I had been so sick, Travis was the one who had to keep up with Joe's never-ending energy.
 Maybe it was that after finding two empty churches, we finally found the church where Stake Conference was happening. And maybe it was that the Stake Conference we found was exceptional, one of the best I've ever attended.
 Maybe it was that our condo was right by the famous pier with Ruby's and evening walks were enjoyed.

 Maybe it was that our condo was really nice and really close to the water and our bed had a good mattress.
 Maybe it was that Veronica and Savannah did more cooking than I did. (Thanks, girls!)
 Maybe it was that the heated pool was just steps from our door.
Maybe it was that they got to ride beach cruisers to a different beach for swimming. Maybe I was most jealous of this activity (since the doctor specifically said no biking for me).
 Maybe it was that the humid, salty air frizzed my hair in a way I haven't seen since I was a teenager (and I decided not to stress about it).

 Maybe it was that we ate amazing food--seafood, breakfast food and Mexican food.
 Maybe it was that we were able to find some great deals at the outlets that are on the border of Mexico.
 Maybe it was that I was able to read three books and take naps almost any time I felt like it.
 Maybe it was that the Farmer's Market had toffee peanut butter...
 And French pastries.
 Maybe it was the Chicken Tortilla soup and the Mariachi singers at Coyote Cafe.
 Maybe it was the joy I felt when I found someone with crazier hair than me.
 Maybe it was the Hotel del Coronado.
 Maybe it was that we were able to do baptisms for the dead with the entire family (sorry, I didn't have the memory card with the pictures of the temple).
 Maybe it was that Travis found a tree from the Canary Islands (where he served his mission).
 Maybe it was that Joe didn't complain about being stuck in the back seat of the car by himself (since he was the only one that would fit while surrounded by all our belongings).
 Maybe it was the strange little restaurant that felt like we were in the Keebler Elves' treehouse.
 Maybe it was the Mormon Battalion Museum, which is truly fantastic!
Maybe it was the beautiful architecture and gorgeous flowers.

And maybe it was being back home after an arduous trip through horrible California to Las Vegas traffic driving 25 mph among thousands of young people heading for a 3-day rave. 

It was a wonderful vacation and it's wonderful to be home.


Pamela said...

loved the way you wrote was fun to see all the pictures...I thought Travis' mother was coming along

Diana said...

I feel like I went with you. Wonderful blog! Love your hair!!!

LaRee said...

Loved all the pictures, they made me wish I was in San Diego again. We love San Diego. So glad you guys had a great trip!

Mindy said...

Looks like heaven!! I'm so glad you had such an amazing trip. :)

Kristi said...

My great Aunt lives in Oceanside so we vacationed there semi-frequently as a kid. It is a great place for a family vacation. It looks like everyone had a fun and relaxing time.

Tawnie said...

looks like a great trip. So glad you did it!

Summer said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Diane said...

Karey! how fun! we love and miss the ocean zoo much, but we are taking a trip soon too along the coast:)

Tapper said...

That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

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That looks amazing! I'm so glad you had such an amazing trip. :)

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