Happy Things

My goal this next week is to focus on happy things. It's a little challenging. I miss my son who's in Taiwan until the end of January. I miss my parents who are in Canada until February. I'm already missing my daughter, who leaves for college a week from today. And I'm not at all happy that school is starting next Tuesday when most of our cousins aren't starting until after Labor Day. If I think too much about these things, I end up sad and I don't want this next week filled with doom and gloom. So here are some happy things think about.

I have a husband who could be a stand-up comedian. Last night, the daughter who's headed off to college had a rough evening with many tears shed. To cheer her up, my husband combed his hair into a serial killer style and then modeled for her. It was scary and hilarious and did the trick. It made her smile.

There are three hummingbirds that hang out around my back window, furiously flapping their wings and hovering there. We have window tinting on those windows and so during the day, they serve as mirrors outside. I think those little birds like looking at themselves, which makes it so I can look at them while I'm writing.

I have a fun book I'm writing right now and the ideas are coming almost faster than I can keep up with them. No anguish and no pulling my hair out. It's the funnest kind of writing.

I have a new haircut and I like it. Thanks Courtney.

My second daughter has finally decided she likes period romances. After years of leaving "those boring shows" to my oldest daughter and me, she now wants to join us. Lately we've watched Northanger Abbey and two versions of Mansfield Park. (The Jonny Lee Miller version from 1999 is far superior to the 2007 version.)

My youngest son has the best laugh in the world. There may be some of you who would disagree, but you'd be wrong. And lucky for me, he laughs all the time.

We're having layered chicken nachos for dinner tonight. Everyone in the family likes them. That always makes me happy.


Tawnie said...

Oh Travis cracks me up!! So funny. What a great dad. What a great family you have. So strange but fun to hear how everyone just keeps growing up.

Mindy said...

Great happy things! Loved this post. :)

Braine TS said...

Lots of stuff going on in your life right now, stay positive.

P.S. Love the 2007 version of Mansfield Park

missy said...

Great list of happy things! I'm anxious to hear more about your new book! I looked up your recipe and made your layered chicken nachos for dinner tonight. I cheated a little (I didn't have refried beans so I just threw in a can of black beans), but it was a hit! So yummy and easy. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Hang in there. School starts next Tuesday for us as well. I've determined it's going to be a great year! (We can't go through another year like last year...)

Torrie said...

I know you may have already tried it, but if not, you really must watch Downton Abbey (the pbs show). It's awesome!