Is There an App for That?

I was at the Apple Store with my kids on Monday and one of the men in blue shirts was talking to a customer behind me. They were discussing apps for his i-phone. The Apple man said, "We've got apps for just about everything."

I don't have an i-phone, a smart-phone or any phone that can support apps. My phone barely supports texts. But if one of those fancy phones that support apps can truly do just about everything, I might be willing to invest.

I looked up some apps to see what was available and discovered that I can get help cheating on a Rubik's Cube, I can track the Olympics including the medal counts, I can learn guitar chords, check my blood alcohol level (if I drank), and I can even warm up my hands. All very exciting but not very tempting.

What I'd really like to see is an app that cleans toilets.

Or how about an app that picks up dog poop.

I'd love an app shaves my legs or weeds my flowers.

Maybe someone could invent an app that rearranges furniture or that gets a primary class to be reverent, or trims your toenails.

I'd love an app that puts the clothes away. I'm pretty good at the sorting, washing, drying and folding, but somewhere between folding and putting away, I often lose interest.

Maybe there's an app full of clever 140 character quips I could use on twitter to make me sound more witty than I am. 

Oh well. I can't afford an i-phone anyway, so I'll just keep performing my own apps.

What would you like an app for?


Mindy said...

You have a pretty good list there... I'd pay good money for an app that does yard work and cleans floors.

missy said...

Just replace the word 'app' for 'kid.' ;)
Come to think of it, I'd pay good money for a kid that does yard work and cleans floors...(without complaining, of course.) Ha!

Anonymous said...

I would like an app that could shave a few years off of my life...not the lessons learned or the experiences, both happy and challenging...but just a few years so I can accomplish all the things I WANT to do!! Come to think of it...maybe I need an app that will accomplish all the things i want to do! (-;
Interesting post. Thanks. LMH

Tawnie said...

I would like an app that will be a patient mother for me. Better yet, stop me before I lose it and immediately train me to change my reaction. How about shock me before I lose my patience or raise my voice.
Heaven help me.

Karey said...

I love these comments. I'd like an app to do my floors. My husband does my yardwork. I, too, would like a few years shaved off, for me and for you. I want to be more patient and soft-spoken, too.

And replacing the word app with the word kid is hilarious.

Keep 'em coming.

Lolawid said...

Oh! How about planning menus and then actually cooking dinner? I don't mind the shopping, it's just the planning and the cooking that I get tired of.

Andrew Moray said...

I want an app that exercises for me...and gives me the physical benefits of that exercise. I'd be in such great shape! Oh, and I want an app that turns off my tv every time a Kardashian is about to come on.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the Kardashian comment!!
And i do like the exercise APP idea.

Karey said...

Lola, I don't mind the shopping either, but I want an app to unload the car and put the groceries away.

Andrew, I like your ideas but if I could only choose one app, I'd rather exercise than watch the Kardashians.