Seven Top Fives - A Random Post

Five Things That Annoy Me (in no particular order)

Itchy Skin
Joe Biden
School starting in August

Five Things That Make Me Sad

School Starting in August
Unkind school teachers
My children leaving home
Movies I can't see because of too much crap
Missing my missionaries

Five Things That Inspire Me

Missionaries who sacrifice to serve
Christ and the New Covenant by Jeffery Holland (I'm reading it again)
Political speeches that mean something (Ann Romney, Mia Love, Chris Christie)
My family
President Monson

Five Times I Scored BIG

When we got to stand on the lawn outside a church visiting with President Monson
When my first book got picked up for publication
When John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting) invited me to sit on the front row of his concert.
When I married my husband
When I had my children

Five Things I'm Looking Forward To

Pizza Pie Cafe opening in Bountiful
My missionaries getting home
The For What It's Worth Launch Party at The King's English (it's December 5--mark your calendars 'cause you're invited)
School getting out for the summer (I know! I know!)
Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney's speeches

Five Places I Want to Go

The British Isles
The tulip fields of Holland and Denmark in the spring
The fjords of Norway
The Canary Islands

Five Things That Make Me Happy

A clean house
Kind Schoolteachers who love my children
Texts that say "Good night. I love you."
Letters from Taiwan and Canada


Jemma said...

Fun lists. I can't wait for your book to come out. And if this were my list, I'd add your blog to my list of things that I look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Great list. I identify with all except being an author. That I am not. But I appreciate your gift and look forward to your new book. LMH