Upping Your Game - Lessons from The New Testament

The goal was to read the standard works while Bruce is on his mission. That's around 2,500 pages of reading and let's face it. It's more like Tolstoy than Seuss. Well, Bruce has a little less than six months left and I'm finished.
Here are a few observations and lessons from this trip through The New Testament.

Each of the four gospels had a distinct voice.This strengthens my faith in the Savior because I see how these different men saw some of the same events.

I understood some of the parables better than last time I read the New Testament. I tried to put myself in the sandals of those who were seeing miracles performed.

I was really struck by the change in the apostles after Jesus's death.

When Jesus was among them, they relied on him for everything. They asked some silly questions. They had the Savior of the World on board their boat, but they got afraid of the storm. They walked on water and then doubted and sank, they slept when they were asked to stay awake. They denied the Savior even though they knew him and what he was. They betrayed him for money.

And yet, these apostles who were just men, with the weaknesses and failings of human nature, seemed to change when he was no longer with them. They upped their game. The responsibility of the leadership of the church and the preaching of the gospel was now theirs and they did it. They rose to the occasion and demonstrated incredible faith and courage. They still faced prison, opposition, angry mobs and enormous challenges, but they met all of those with resolve and determination.

I think that's inspiring. It gives me hope that I can be more tomorrow than I am now. Today's weakness can become strong. I can up my game. I can become a better person. 


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing. I love reading about the Savior. I love my Savior. He was perfect and set the perfect example. I strive each day to be better and I pray I can endure to the end ... faithfully. LMH

Tawnie said...

I've never read the bible. I got started once but didn't finish. I think it's neat that you have done this. Good job.
You're inspiring.
Love ya.

missy said...

This reminds me of the first time I read The Book of Mormon all the way through within a relatively short period of time. I finally understood how the people and events fit together. I got the big picture and made connections.

I love your insights. I'm impressed that you finished your goal!