Me & The King's English

In just 37 days (see the counter on the right side of the page), I'll be at The King's English for the launch of For What It's Worth.

Last Friday I delivered some invitations to Jenny, the events coordinator. She showed me the room where I'll be, the spot where the wedding cake will be set up (and served), and we discussed the number of servings of wedding cake we'll need.

There will be drawings for prizes--t-shirts, bags, mugs, magnets, etc. Wedding cake will be served. Books will be signed. And the weather will be clear and lovely. (I'm thinking positively. No blizzards like the one we had the night Gifted was launched.) In fact, it will be downright balmy for December.

Take a look at the event page on The King's English website. Pretty cool, huh?

I'm sending out a bunch of invitations and I'd love to send one to you. Of course, you can just show up without an invitation but if you'd like one of the cute invitations I had printed, email me your address and I'll send one to you. Just send it to

Also, be sure to go to the For What It's Worth Facebook page and vote for your favorite cake flavor. The top flavors will be served at the launch.


Tawnie said...

this books sounds like it will make a great movie. the kind of movie I like. Hm.
Can't wait to read it!!

Vern said...

So excited!