Product Review for Paul Mitchell Curly Hair Products & a Few Tips

About a year and a half ago, I did an article about how to deal with curly hair. As anyone with curly hair knows, hair care is an evolution and there are always new things to try.

I was very excited when, about a month ago, I received an email from Paul Mitchell, asking me if I'd like to try and review a couple of their new products for curly hair. Of course I said yes. I was surprised when a package the size of a shoe box arrived at my door with regular sized bottles of Spring-Loaded Detangling Shampoo and Full Circle Leave-In Treatment.

This observation has nothing to do with the actual product, but whoever came up with names using Spring-Loaded and Full-Circle deserves an enthusiastic high five. I like it when words or phrases are used in a clever way and these are both great!

I used them for the first time yesterday. I usually think of shampoo as just shampoo and I'd rather spend less there and more on conditioner and styling product. This Spring-Loaded Detangling shampoo was great. It made my hair feel almost slick. I comb my hair in the shower (that's the only time I comb it--ever) and the comb slid right through my hair. It was great.

After my shower, I wrapped my hair up in a cotton t-shirt. That's a tip I learned recently that I'd highly recommend. I now dry my hair with a t-shirt. It soaks up the excess water without being as rough on the curls and their shape as a towel is.  I've found that the curls keep their separated shape better.

After I t-shirt dried my hair, I took some of the Full Circle Leave-In Treatment and finger-combed it through my hair. Then I used the diffuser to dry my hair to that almost-dry point. My hair was soft. Really soft. The curls were tight and defined without being frizzy. There was no crunchiness. I loved it.

Now to me, the real test is how does it hold up after sleeping on it? I can't wash my hair every day or it dries out and gets split ends. I've tried some products that look great the first day, but when I finger comb it after sleeping on it, I have a head of steel wool.

Today was day 2. I slept on it last night and got up this morning to...

Great hair. The curls still had separation and there was no frizz. A little adjusting to make it even and it looked like it had the first day.

I'm completely comfortable giving this my highest recommendation. 

Thanks, Paul Mitchell. My curls and I are thrilled.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have natural curly hair to work with. But even more, I would love to have enough hair to comfortably cover my head!!! )-:
And you have an overabundance of both. I ask that fair?
Glad you got a product you love.LMH

LL said...

I have a shop in my house and I have people with curls at me all the time for suggestions.
I have hair as straight as can be, so I rely on others with "spring loaded" hair to give suggestions.
I have always loved Paul Mitchell.

Kristi said...

Let's see this hair.
I love curly hair and have to work my tail off to get my strait hair to have an inkling of curl or wave to it.
Consider yourself double blessed, 1) for having the curl, and 2) for finding a great way to make them look their best.

Vern said...

Your hair looked very nice both days. You have great hair! Plus your curls are a nice hand warmer. ;)

Natural hair said...

The managing of curly hair is very difficult.But its very give good appearance to everyone..

Nicollete said...

I also comb my hair in the shower but i never used the cotton t-shirt yet. I will have to try Paul Mitchell's products too.

Ketty said...

Hi, I would love to try your these on my curly hair. But i have one concern, do you have any idea that if these products would work on split ends? I am really fed up of split ends. Please do let me know.
My email id is

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