Top Ten Things About General Conference

  1. Eight hours of uplifting messages and music (10 for the guys)
  2. A long weekend at home without having to dress up
  3. Coloring without guilt. I love to color but it's a time-consuming hobby that I can't justify most of the time. This year, I'll be coloring this.
  4. Pecan sticky buns and hot cocoa.
  5. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  6. Family (Veronica will be coming home! Yay!)
  7. Priesthood session. This will be Joe's first priesthood session.
  8. Elder Holland. I know I'm not supposed to have favorites but Elder Holland always makes that hard.
  9. A weekend of no church responsibilities.
  10. This is the last conference before Bruce and my parents return home from their missions. Next conference, we'll ALL be together.
If you want to watch all or part of conference, you can link up to it here. 


Vern said...

Good reasons. I'm so excited for Conference as well!

Anonymous said...

is it fair that we wait with great anticipation for 6 months, only to have it all over with in what feels like "only seconds!" What a great and marvelous conference. How can anyone not know without a doubt that this is the Lords true church on the earth. We are so blessed to have that knowledge and be a part of it. I cannot wait for April Conference. Until then, thankfully we have online replays and we have the Ensign. Love, LMH

Anonymous said...

P.S. Great coloring book. I will need to get one when I get home! Do you use crayons, colored pencils or markers? LMH

Tawnie said...

Love conference weekend. The best is our only responsibility is to watch. And eat cinnamon rolls and all kinds of other yummy food. :)

missy said...

It was a great weekend! I like your list. The missionary announcement sure stirred up a lot of excitement around here. :) These next 6 months will fly and you'll be surrounded by family before you know it. Yay!