Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 12 - November 12

Today I'm thankful for glasses.

I had nearly perfect vision for years. Several times over the years, we had insurance that covered a yearly eye exam and every year I'd leave empty-handed. My vision was excellent.

Several years passed with no eye insurance and then a new insurance carrier again offered a yearly eye exam. I went to my appointment believing I still had good eyes. To my surprise, the doctor told me I needed glasses. I tried on some frames and tried to pick something I wouldn't feel too self-conscious in and then left.

A week later I returned to pick up my glasses. The doctor made some little adjustments and I left with my first pair of glasses. I didn't have to wear them all the time, just for watching television or driving. Anything long distance. I got in the car, pulled out the cute little case, and tried on my new glasses.

Suddenly the giant tree across the street wasn't just a big green tree, but a tree with thousands of individual leaves. I lifted them up and saw the tree without detail and put them back on to see each leaf and branch and even the texture of the bark.

I hadn't even realized I was squinting to see basketball scores on television until I had my glasses. Suddenly the numbers and letters became crisp and clear.

The world looks very different when you can see things clearly.

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Anonymous said...

unfortunately, most people do not see things clearly even with glasses. DO I sound negative? I am not trying to be. It is just the first thought that came to my mind.

I, too, am also thankful for glasses. I wear them and I appreciate that I can see clearer as well. An added bonus is that they hide the bags under my eyes. (-;
Love, LMH