Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 14 - November 14

Today I'm thankful for my grocery store.

Last night I took my college daughter grocery shopping. We went to a market that was close to her house and I was reminded how much I like my usual grocery store.

Smith's Marketplace in Lehi was completed while we were finishing our house. It's new, spacious, well-laid-out and bright. And they have everything. I hate running to a close store to pick up one or two items only to find that they don't have one of the items I needed. That never happens at my grocery store.

It's certainly not a life or death thing, but I realized that if I ever moved, I'd really miss my grocery store.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Free advertizing for your favorite grocery store. They should give you a gift card! When I was a child, we couldn't run to the grocery store for a much needed, last minute item. It was too far. But, oh, how we depended on each other as neighbors. We helped each other out that way. It was common for a cup of sugar, or some other item, to go back and forth between neighbors. And yes, everyone remembered to pay back whatever they borrowed. Life was so uncomplicated then, and neighbors were true neighbors as well as true friends. LMH

Tawnie said...

I love Smiths!! That was our favorite and still would be if it were closer. We like to go sometimes on a date. Just for old times sake. :)
It's pretty much just Costco and WalMart now. Costco is my clothes shopping and everything. If they don't have it, I don't need it.
As LMH said, I have one neighbor in particular that we go back and forth with items. usually we return but we keep saying there should be no returning because we just keep borrowing from each other and that's good enough. But still, we both keep returning.

Vern said...

I miss that store.