Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 17 - November 17

Today I'm thankful for books--hardback books, paperback books, old books, new books and books on my kindle. I love books that teach and books that entertain and I revere a book that can do both.

From the time I was child, I loved books. I've read thousands of them and still love getting lost in the pages, the stories, the lives of the characters.

Books have made me laugh, cry, swoon, cringe, and tremble. I've fallen in love with characters, I've visited other worlds and I've marveled at the way a gifted author puts together words.

I've lost sleep because of books, either because the story was so wonderful I couldn't stop reading or I was so scared I couldn't tune out the noises.

I'm thankful for the places I've gone, the adventures I've had and the people I've come to know in the pages of books.


Anonymous said...

That post is so well written that I want to get busy reading another book! When I get home I am going to get lost in some books for days and days. It will be mid-winter, so it will be cold outside and I can just curl up with a good book. Don't forget that you were going to have a long list of books for me to read! "For What it's Worth" will be on the top of my list. Love, LMH

Anonymous said...

One book character i loved and admired was Anna in the Karey White book, "Gifted." She will always hold a place in my heard. LDH