Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 18 - November 18

Today I'm thankful for my primary class--all 14 of them.

I teach fourteen 9-year-olds. They're cute, sweet, noisy, reverent, exasperating, delightful and wonderful. They have so much personality and they have so much to say that sometimes I leave class exhausted and wonder if I'm wasting my time.

And then they'll be so receptive and so inquisitive and so smart that I know there's nowhere I'd rather be than in that classroom with them.

So today I'm thankful for Alexis, Carson, Carter, Cate, Elden, Emma, Emma, Ethan, Faith, Jonah, Kael, Kamrie, Kate, Taylor. I love you all!


Tawnie said...

Cute! Do you team teach? That's a lot of kids. I only have 5 seven year olds and I get worn out. I'll be they think you're the best too!

Anonymous said...

I love Primary. My fondest memory as a teacher in a church setting, (and I have had many over my long life) was a special experience in a Primary class many years ago. I had a young boy who was a challenge and we learned to truly love each other. (One of my least favorite moments teaching Primary was when i opened my mouth to speak and a fly flew inside. In my moment of shock, I sucked in too much air, and then had a terrible time gagging the fly out! the children just stared in awe. They didn't see the fly go in, so I am sure they thought I was convulsing or dying!) Makes a good story later in life though! LMH