Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 19 - November 19

Today I'm thankful for cards and letters.

I'm generationally flanked by two of the most amazing letter writers I know. My mom and my daughter write letters and cards the old-fashioned way. They use a pen and paper (usually pretty paper) and write real letters. They send them to friends, loved ones and each other. They've both done it for years.

Somehow the skill skipped a generation--me. I try to do thank you cards and I'm pretty good about Christmas cards, but that's about it.

But I LOVE to get them. Right now my favorites are letters from Taiwan (my missionary son) and Canada (my missionary parents), but it's such a treat when a friend or loved one sends a little something to let me know they love me or appreciate something I did or think I'm really cool or incredibly good-looking. (Just kidding about those last ones.)

Today I got cards from three of those cute kids in my Primary class.

It's a shame this talent--and yes, I think it is a talent--is getting lost. It makes those that are still good at it very worthy of a thank you.


Tawnie said...

I, too, LOVE cards and letter writing. Good job being thankful! :)

Anonymous said...

One of my biggest weakness is lovely cards and stationary.
Love it! Love it! Love it! Love my penpals as well. LMH