Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 2 - November 2

I'm thankful for babies.

I'm not sure if there's anything in this world better than a baby snuggling in with his head on your shoulder or taking a nap with a baby sleeping on your chest.

I'm thankful for my babies. I'm thankful for the babies my sisters and sister-in-laws have had and I'm thankful for the cute babies at church. I'm thankful for the cute babies that smile at me in the grocery store or the doctor's office. I wish I could hold them all, but I don't want to freak out any mothers, so I just smile back.

I worry about my kids finding wonderful spouses but I don't worry about my kids having beautiful, sweet babies.

Sometimes, when one of my girls has had a hard day, she'll say, "I just need to hold Charles and then things will be fine." Charles is the name of two of my sweet, new nephews.

The best scent in the world is a freshly bathed baby. The best sound in the world is a baby laughing.

Today I'm thankful for babies.


Rebecca Adams said...

I really wish I could have babies more easily. I'd probably have 2 or 3 by now! I'm hoping that we can get an adopted baby or two next year if that's what the Lord has planned for us. I also loooooove babies and wish I could spend more time with babies since I don't have any of my own. Baby laughs and smiles are the best!

Tawnie said...


Vern said...

Babies are my favorite thing in the world! I feel so baby deprived in college. Everyone is my age--no kids anywhere! Lame. Babies are heavenly!

Leslie said...

i feel baby deprived as well.


Lisa said...

babies rule. i have demanded that charlie not grow up. ever.