Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 25 - November 25

Today I'm thankful for my faith.

It doesn't make me perfect. Far from it. There are so many things I need to improve on. I could make a list a mile long of things I wish I could do better.

But one thing I don't lack is faith. I believe. I believe in my Heavenly Father and I believe in my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have never doubted. I've fallen short of doing what they want me to do on many occasions, but even when I've made mistakes, I've never doubted.

I have faith that they live, that they know me, that they're involved in my life. I have faith that good will win in the end. I have faith in scripture, in prophets, in obedience. I have faith in revelation and in God's hand in my life. I have faith that if we obey the commandments, our future is secure. I have faith that the things I don't understand right now will eventually be clear. I have faith that He hears me when I pray and that Jesus made a way for me to repent.

I'm SO thankful for my faith.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful testimony. I echo all that you said. Love you. LMH

Tawnie said...

You said perfectly exactly how I feel as well. Love this. Aren't we lucky?!