Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 26 - November 26

I'm thankful for missions.

I've seen what missions can do for people and I know what my mission did for me. My testimony grew. My confidence grew. My patience grew.

I met amazing people. I saw lives changed.

I've seen what it did for my husband. I've watched my son turn into a man. I've seen the patience and long-suffering from my parents.

I'm excited for my daughter to go next summer and I'm looking forward to the wonderful experiences she'll have.

Missions change the lives of those serving and those being served. What a beautiful idea.


missy said...

Agreed! I'm so glad I served. The new mission age announcement is stirring up all kinds of possibilities around here. Hooray for missions!

Tawnie said...

Neat post. I like it.

Torrie said...

I didn't know you served a mission! Where to?