Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 29 - November 29

I'm thankful for entertainment. It gives you a mini-vacation, it takes your mind off things and it lets you relax.

Basketball isn't the only entertainment I'm thankful for, although basketball is right up there. I love BYU basketball, Jazz basketball and especially basketball with people I know. I love watching my kids play basketball.

I also like a few good television shows, good music, good movies, concerts, and plays.

Since I like these things, I'm thankful for people talented enough to provide them.

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Anonymous said...

I also get great pleasure out of all the past times you mentioned. I am not blessed with great talents as the world sees them, but I consider myself a "very talented and gifted enjoyer(?)" of all the same things you enjoy. All great movies, plays, athletic events, etc. etc. etc., must have an audience to play to!! LMH