Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 3 - November

I'm thankful for church activities--especially for my children.

Yesterday afternoon, Savannah left for Youth Conference. In order for that to happen, many leaders had to plan and sacrifice time away from work and family to provide my daughter and other young people with activities that are fun, spiritual and faith-promoting.

I know because when I was Young Women's president, I attended girls camp for two years. While it was a wonderful experience, it was also a sacrifice. I don't like camping. In fact, I loathe it. I like indoor plumbing and comfortable beds and regulated temperatures. But because I loved the girls in my ward, I went with them, ate with them, and bore testimony with them.

Because of the unpaid sacrifices of youth leaders, my children have experienced girls camps, mountain and river expeditions, and youth conferences. I know that some of the most spiritual experiences are around campfires and on mountainsides and in rustic cabins where they learn, have fun, and have their testimonies strengthened.

Today I'm thankful for the sacrifices of every one of those people who give up so much for our children.


Mindy said...

I love girls camp. :) Aubrey and I figured out that I have been to girls camp more than 20 times in my life. I'd love to go 20 more. :)

Leslie said...

i love that photo of veronica.

i wish trek would have been available to me when i was a teenager. not fair.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl on the outside and the inner beauty comes shining through as always. Love that girl so much. LMH