Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 4 - November 4

Today I'm thankful for Travis. What a handsome guy!

I loved him the day I married him but there were a lot of things I didn't know about him. I didn't know how funny he was. I didn't know how well he'd fit into my family. I didn't know what a great dad he would be. I didn't know the sacrifices he would make for our family. I didn't know how dedicated he'd be to his callings. I didn't know how helpful he'd be or how supportive he'd be when I decided I wanted to try to make wedding cakes or write books. I didn't know how accepting he'd be of my failings or how willing he'd be to forgive.

I was thankful to have found him way back then but I didn't have any idea how much more thankful I'd be for him now.


LL said...

I love this!

Leslie said...

we love travis.

he is one of the funniest people i know... and such a perfect guy for you.

Anonymous said...

You make a great couple. Love you both. Love your first line! It is so true! LMH