Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 5 - November 5

Today I'm thankful for my children. In general, they're smart, funny, good-looking, helpful and good.


Bruce is a fantastic missionary, brave in the face of difficulty, creative, solid and entertaining.

Veronica is obedient, hard working, nurturing, helpful and determined.

Savannah is a peacemaker, cheerful, a home-body, accepting and loving.

Joe is smart, consistent, clever, affectionate and friendly.

I love spending time with my children. I like them. I enjoy them. I miss them when they're gone and I love watching them work their way through life. I love to listen to them joke around with each other and I love that they're friends with each other. I'm thankful to be their mom.


Leslie said...

we love your kids.

Vern said...

Man, we're awesome! Love you! We're grateful that you're our mom.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute to your wonderful children. i agree 100% with what you said. They are amazing. And they have amazing parents. LMH

Carolyn said...

If you are the person who wrote the post on Cjane's blog, I just wanted to say thank you! And I hope that is anyone write you mean stuff because of it you don't let it get to you--it was an awesome post and totally true!!!