Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 8 - November 8

Today I'm thankful for my brothers and sisters.

I'm the oldest of eleven children--seven boys and four girls. I loved being the oldest. I loved holding and helping with the new babies. I loved staying home from school to take care of the little kids while Mom had a new baby. I loved fixing my sisters' hair and reading with my little brothers. I loved going to their games and concerts.

Sure we fought. Sometimes a lot. But we loved each other and were loyal. We could tease each other and fight with each other but we were (and are) fiercely loyal to each other.

I've tried to write a little paragraph about each one but they end up being too long and too repetitive. They're all smart. They're all funny. They're all good people. They all care about their families. They all work hard. They're all my friends.

And so, today I'm thankful for Richard, Nairn, Bruce, Robert, Lori, John, Lisa, Leslie, Spencer and Mark. I love you all.


Anonymous said...

And I love them all as well. You are correct when you say they are all smart, funny, good, caring, work hard and are friends to each other. It is a parents dream come true to raise a large family and have them be close and care about each other. Love the post. LMH

Lisa said...

fun to see that picture. we are so cute, all of us. i am grateful too. I would love to have some of those clothes in there. specifically my dress and robs vest. how cute that mom not only made us the dresses but the little white undershirts too. we are lucky to have each other.

Leslie said...

love you.

i still wish i had ALL of the clothes mom made for me. i love our family.

having all of those 'built-in' best friends is what makes me so sad that aaron jr doesn't have any of that.

hopefully someday.