A Little Bit of This & a Little Bit of That

I haven't made wedding cakes as a business for more than five years now, but I still look at cakes all the time and every once in awhile I see one I'd love to make. This is one of those. Holy cow! It's so beautiful.

Today is the day. I started For What It's Worth almost six years ago. SIX! It sat there in its infancy, sad and neglected, until two years ago. And now it's finally here--the day of the book launch. I love it! I love the story, the characters and the cover. It even has a little picture of a wedding cake on the spine so when it has less than optimal shelf space (which I'm sure it usually will) you can still see that cute cake and think, "Hmm, what a cute cake. I'd like to know more about that book."

I'm so excited. The book blast and blog tour starts now! Thanks to Kathy at I'm a Reader Not a Writer, who is hosting this blast and tour. What does this mean? It means that if you google my name and For What It's Worth, you'll be shocked! I know I am.
Tonight is the launch! So naturally I'm filling my day with a massage, a manicure, a long, blissful bath with candles and bath salts, and a trip to the hairdresser, right?
Nope! My day is filled with cleaning house, revising two more chapters of my work-in-progress, making cookies for my daughter's geography class, morning and afternoon chauffeuring and a quick shower.

Speaking of chauffeuring... Remember when you were in school and you didn't know how to spell a word? You'd ask for help only to have your teacher or your parent tell you to look it up in the dictionary. That always bothered me. A dictionary works best when you know how to spell the word, right? If you need to know how to spell it, how do you look it up? Just now I was unsure about chauffeuring (one r before the -ing or two?) The internet pops up suggestions before I'm even through typing. The dictionary never did that for me.

And speaking of cookies... The cookies I'm making today are for my daughter's geography class. She's supposed to take a food from another country. I'm making Mexican wedding cookies, English tea biscuits, Spanish Mantecados, or Russian tea cakes. They're also called snowballs. Who knew that butter, sugar, nuts and flour were such a universal treat. I guess when she tells the class what she brought, she can just choose what country she feels most connected to at the moment.

All right, friends! I'd better sign off. Hopefully I'll see you tonight.


Vern said...

So excited for tonight, it's going to be so fun! And so excited to read For What It's Worth!

missy said...

Yay!! It's finally here! I wish I could be there tonight for the big launch. I can't wait to hear about it. :)

Torrie said...

I'm so excited for you! Wish I could make it!

Can't wait to read the book--I adore the cover, btw :)

Anonymous said...

you made some amazing wedding cakes as well. This one is really beautiful. Have fun at all the book signings and don't wear yourself out. You want to stay healthy for the holidays. Love you. LMH