A Roller Coaster of Randomness

Friday was a roller coaster. During the morning, I received a few good pieces of news about my book. I was listening to music and making delicious cupcakes for Saturday's book signings when my sister called and said, "Turn on the news."

The horrible events in Newtown, Connecticut broke my heart and I spent most of the afternoon crying and heartsick. I tried to continue forward with the things I needed to do but it was hard. The long, lonely and sad days ahead for the people in the community are almost too much to comprehend. My heart and prayers are with them.

I received word that For What It's Worth has received enough reader nominations to move to the next step of the Whitney Awards. Thank you, readers, for your support and I'm thrilled you're enjoying Abby's adventures.

I'm happy for my daughter to be through with her first semester's college finals. Just three more days of school for the youngest two and then our Christmas break officially begins. I am so excited for that.

Today was a bittersweet day for another reason, as well. The missionaries who left with my son, came home today. If Bruce hadn't opted to stay an extra transfer, he'd be here with us tonight. Sigh. I'm happy he loves it and wanted to stay but the selfish part of me is thinking how nice it would be if he were here. Soon. Very soon.

And finally, during the afternoon as I thought about the families whose lives have been so terribly altered, my daughter went to Youtube and started playing this song. It was exactly what I needed and reminded me that in this contentious, violent, often evil world, a baby was born--a baby who would live for us, die for us and deliver us. I know most of us have heard this song before but CeeLo Green's version is gorgeous. Be sure to listen to the words. I hope the Spirit touches your heart like it did mine.


Tawnie said...

I was at the hospital with little John all day Friday and didn't hear until that evening. As soon as John told me, I wished I didn't know. You know what I mean. I also noticed that I loved my kids a little more and held them a little longer this morning and I didn't even think about it. I realized my feelings after someone mentioned Friday's tragedy. I hope that's how things work....I can be a little better without even thinking. :) Pretty song. I get so sick of this on the radio but really listening to the words and watching this is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Except for my break for this song, I'm listening to Linda Eder!!! THANK YOU!!

Tawnie said...

oh. oops. in case you didn't know, John had the rod removed from his leg. he's doing great.