Wednesday, December 5, 2012 was the launch party for For What It's Worth. I'd been looking forward to this for months (okay, years) and as the hour approached, I honestly started freaking out a little. What if no one came. I was so excited to have the party at The King's English and what if they'd never want me back because of a sad and dismal showing? 
We arrived at The King's English about 45 minutes early, got everything set up with the help of the wonderful Megan and Helen and then had several minutes until time to start. My kids were in heaven as they looked at books around the store. If you haven't been there, you really must go. It's absolutely charming and I've based a bookstore in my next book on this store.

I brought a few of my beautiful vintage estate sale finds to use as tablecloths and they fit perfectly.
 Don't you just love the cover? It's so pretty and I absolutely adore it. Erica at Cedar Fort did a fantastic job.
I have to say here that I have the most helpful husband in the world. Anything that needs done, he does. Anything forgotten, he retrieves. He's cheerful and never complains. I scored big time with him.
 The kids willingly wore the promotional shirts. Even Joe, who wore it to school the next day. He didn't care if it had pink and a wedding cake, he gladly offered himself up to be my billboard.
 My three kids on the left and our adopted daughter, Natasha, (we still give her back to her family part of the time), who is Veronica's college roommate and our photographer for the evening.

 Our cake was inspired by the cover. Thanks to Lori, who helped me make the dummy cake.   
 The first to arrive were book bloggers, Heather Gardner and Cathy Jeppson. Teri Harman came later. It's so nice to have such a great book blogging community and these ladies are some of the best.

And then my worries were dispelled when people started coming like crazy.
 Drawings were held for prizes--t-shirts, mugs, mousepads and bags. My kids, Veronica, Savannah and Joe, managed the giveaways.
The cute kids enjoyed the prizes.
My sister-in-law, Kara.
My brother, Mark.
Lisa Price, a friend from elementary and jr. high school came. I haven't seen her for... oh never mind. A long time.

 Lynn Donaldson, a former co-worker, me, and the very helpful, Megan. 
Cindy Bennett, author of Geek Girl and many other books came, as well as friends from my neighborhood, Sara and Pam.
 My amazing sisters, Lori, Lisa and Leslie. Sorry they aren't your sisters, too, because they're the best. I have the greatest picture of all of us laughing, but if I shared it I might be disowned.
Lori and her daughters came.
 Becca and Bryce.

 Leslie, Aaron, Savannah
 Lori served cake--choclate with ganache filling and french vanilla with raspberry filling.
 Helen is standing in the background. She's from King's English and helped my sister, Lori serve cake.
 Me and Loma.

 My right hand man, Travis.

 Some sweet girls from church. Emma, on the left and Alexis, second from the right are in my Primary class. Lizzie and Afton are the other two.
Lizzy, Alexis, Emma and Afton with their moms, Allison, Amanda, and Anji.

 Amanda, Sara and Pam

 Me with my good friend Alison and her daughter, Kayla.

 Me with the woman who won the prize for traveling the greatest distance. This is Corinne and she came from Twin Falls, Idaho. I still can't believe it. What a dedicated friend. 
  My cousin, Julie.

 I even love the spine of the book. There's a cake on it.
 My Joe and my nephew, Charlie.
 My cousin, Robert is in the background. He's the talent behind my book trailer (with Savannah's adorable illustrations). He's talking to my cousin, Jared's girlfriend. The woman in the front was there for another event. Several of them came in and snagged some wedding cake. That's okay because a few of my group snagged some of their crackers and cheese.
 My beautiful girls, Veronica and Savannah and their handsome dad.

 Me and Michaela.

It was so much fun. Thank you to The King's English, my friends and family, and all the wonderful readers who supported me. 


Tawnie said...

wow. I totally teared up reading this. Wonderful!! I love people and I love people supporting people. Good job Karey. Great pics. Can't wait to read the book.

Vern said...

So glad I could go. It was lots of fun. Looking forward to reading the book once finals are over. That will be a blessed day.

Kristi said...

It looks like a great turn out and tons of support. We wish so much that we could have been there too. We will support you by purchasing a copy for us and several others to share.

Mindy said...

What a great party! I teared up too, like Tawnie. :) I think it's so cute that Joe wore the shirt to school! What a great son.

Anonymous said...

Why are so many of us "tearing up" over a book launch party? I guess because we are thrilled when we see someone succeed. How I wish I could have been there. Hats off to all who helped and who supported Karey. Love, LMH

Karyn said...

Karey, Congratulations on your second book WOW! I am so so sorry I missed your special night. I had the stomach flu, it was horrible, did not get out of my pj"s for two days:( I so wanted to come and celebrate with you on your special night. I am so happy for you!!!

Leslie said...

wonderful posting about a wonderful evening.

great photos. great book (so far).
great venue. great author.

great family.

love you.