It's the End of the World -- Pros and Cons

If the Mayans are correct and the earth will end today, what does that mean for me? It's really a mixed bag.


  • I don't have to clean another toilet. Ever!
  • I never have to pay another bill.
  • No more addressing Christmas cards and worrying about who I missed.
  • No more __________________. (I'm withholding the name just in case the world doesn't end today and I have to continue to deal with associate with him/her.
  • I don't have to think about another diet or exercise program. For the rest of eternity!!!
  • I don't have to worry about who my children are going to marry and if their spouses will like me.
  • I'll never have to pass (or not pass) another kidney stone.
  • No more homework! (I live vicariously through my children and when they have to suffer through homework, I have to suffer through homework.)

  • We won't get to meet Bruce at the airport and hug him for the first time in more than 387 days.
  • I won't get to see what my children would have done with their lives.
  • No more family vacations.
  • I won't ever get to be a grandma and hold my children's sweet babies.
  • Travis and I won't have those golden years together.
  • I won't get to see and spend time with my extended family.
  • I won't get to eat any more of my favorite foods.
  • I need more time to repent and become a better person.
As good as some of those pros are, the cons are too sad. I'm crossing my fingers the world lasts a little bit longer.


Mel Chesley said...

I believe life will continue. However, the world as we know it, as in what is going on around us, will be over.
But you're right, the cons are too sad to think about.

missy said...

I love your reasons. I'm glad it didn't end. There's still a lot to look forward to!