I Exercised Restraint & Thoughts on Pinterest

One of the best things about me is that I'm a creative person.

One of the worst things about me is that I'm a creative person. 

Creativity really is one of my greatest joys and my worst downfalls. Here's an example.

About three weeks ago, I wore a pair of socks that kept slipping down into my shoes. That's honestly one of the most annoying things in the world to me. I dress for comfort. I don't like to be adjusting and pulling and pulling and tucking all day long, so having my socks sliding into my shoes was driving me nuts. I was grocery shopping and kept having to stop and pull them up or they would have ended up entirely in my shoes.

Since I struggle with what to write on Facebook or Twitter, I decided to share my contempt for my socks. Several people agreed with me and one person shared a solution. My husband's Aunt Mary suggested I should knit some socks. Now let me just tell you right now that I follow Aunt Mary's Pinterest Boards so I'm regularly seeing the knitting projects she posts and she posts some fabulous stuff, so I could only imagine that a nice pair of warm, hand-made socks would be heavenly. I messaged her and gathered information because you know what? Knitting some socks sounded awesome. I knew they'd be warm and comfy and I love making things. 

So after gathering information about yard, needles, and how-to from Aunt Mary, I started my quest for the needed supplies. My local craft store didn't have what she suggested and the closest fabric store only had part of what I needed. I didn't want to invest in anything until I knew I could find everything. I looked online and discovered that to get the nicest yarn was going to make my socks more expensive than just buying socks, but that's okay. I wanted to learn how to do it so as soon as I could decide on some colors, I'd order my supplies.

And then one afternoon as I was putting away some thread, I looked around me. I was surrounded by fabric and scrapbook supplies. That same afternoon, Savannah showed me a sewing project on Pinterest that she'd like to do--a t-shirt with a cute Peter Pan collar attached. It's the perfect project to help teach her how to sew. 

Since we were on Pinterest, I looked at my Fun Projects Board and saw all the things I've pinned that I'd enjoy trying.

I realized I'm  never going to be able to do all the things I want to do.
I made this dress a few years ago and realized that I love making yoyos while I watch television. Then I saw the gorgeous yoyo quilt my friend LaRee had made when I was at her house and I decided I'd love to have a yoyo quilt someday.

I saw these spectacular little felt baby shoes and thought it would be fun to someday make some for my own little grandkids. (I don't have any of those yet, but I'm just thinking ahead.)

It's been so cold lately and I saw these cute pocket handwarmers. I could make those.
And look at what a gorgeous tablecloth this is. I even own some vintage doilies.

You could look at my Fun Projects Pinterest board and you'd see a lot more things I'd like to make. I think you get the point.

If I did everything I'd like to try I wouldn't have time to write or cook dinner or wash clothes or read books or even sleep. 

So I'm going to wait on knitting for the time being. And I'm going to wait on a lot of these other things too.

Good thing I've got eternity, right?


Anonymous said...

I would love to make some of those things as well. they look cute and fun and exciting. One thing you have on me is ... age! I seriously don't have time to do all of them, so I will have to be very selective. thanks for sharing the cute ideas.

Tawnie said...

I just want to clean my house and enjoy it.
You're awesome!!!
Good job.
Nice deliberate decision. ;)

Karey said...

Maybe this word thing is sticking a little. I really did deliberate about whether to invest the money in another fun project I'd like to learn (knitting socks) and made a deliberate decision that I don't have time right now. Cool! Thanks for pointing that out, Tawnie.

Mellie said...

YES! I have the same problem. I'm up to my ears in sewing, jewelry, and other craft projects, but that doesn't stop me from collecting stuff for something new... like fused glass sushi plates.

I figured since I already have a small kiln (which I bought so I could try metal clay) so I only need to get the molds and glass. It's just ONE more project. But... once I have the glass, I might as well try lampwork... I'd only need to get a torch... ;)

suzy said...

i hear you! sometimes i go into deep depression because i am so overwhelmed with ideas of things i would like to someday create or projects i have lying around to finish! that's sort of backwards, right? I need to learn to enjoy the prospect of doing to get some satisfaction, and of course I could always remind myself of the old cheesy saying "enjoy the journey."