A Perfect Day

Spiritual Study - 1 hour
Clean House - 3 hours
Exercise - 1 hour
Reading - 3 hours
Writing/Revising - 5 hours
Spending time with kids - 3 hours
Time alone with husband - 2 hours
Cooking dinner - 1 hour
Relaxing with television or movie - 1 hour
Craft or do a puzzle - 1 hour
Visiting extended family/friends - 2 hours
Sleeping - 8 hours

Total time - 31 hours

Hmm. Any suggestions?


Tawnie said...

hahahahaha. As I was reading I started wondering how much sleep you were getting. The hours just seemed to be going on and on.
Hilarious. I think I'm going to write down my perfect day and see what it comes out to be.
I was impressed thinking this was the day you had yesterday. an hour of spiritual and 3 HOURS of cleaning then an hour of exercise. If only......

Torrie said...

Wow, 3 hours of cleaning? That's on your "perfect" day? All the power to ya, Karey! I would have only said 30 minutes, tops :)

Karey said...

To clarify, I wouldn't love to do 3 hours of cleaning per day, but if I did, my house would be pristine. That would make me happy.

Lolawid said...

Wow! How do you do that?!! :o) I would just suggest combining things like doing creative stuff with either your kids or your extended family. Kill two birds with one stone! Good luck with it all...