Celebrating Randomness

Celebrate - To do something enjoyable to mark an occasion.

I enjoy blogging, so I'm going to mark a few occasions with a blog post.

1. I won a Kindle Fire and a signed copy of the book Vain by Fisher Amelie. I entered the contest on her blog the end of December (I think) and then completely forgot about it. Imagine my surprise and delight when I received an email telling me I'd won! I'm super excited. I love my Kindle and now that I'll have a Kindle Fire, I'll be able to let my kids use the regular Kindle (they already do quite often).

2. It's been a blast having Bruce home and getting to be with him as he sees family and friends for the first time in over two years. It's been a pleasure having him rejoin our family scripture study and Family Home Evening (although we did miss reading letters from him and Grandpa and Grandma since all three off the missions ended at the same time). 

3. For Savannah's birthday this year, we gave her an indoor skydiving experience. Yesterday was the big day so Bruce and I drove her to Ogden where she went indoor skydiving. Pretty cool. She had fun and when the instructor grabbed her and started spinning her in a cool acrobatic trick, it brought us right out of our seats. So neat. She's a little sore today but loved it.

4. After weeks of freezing and shoveling snow and having plans change because of bad roads and freezing and shoveling snow and freezing and shoveling snow again...  I'm going to St. George and the weather is supposed to be in the 60s. It sounds heavenly. It's short, only an overnighter, but maybe my knees won't hurt and my bones can warm up.

Come see me at Seagull Book in St. George, where I'll be signing copies of For What It's Worth and Gifted. I'll also be giving out gourmet cupcakes to the first dozen customers who come and buy one of my books. It should be fun.

5. Right now we're celebrating comings and goings. Bruce is now home. My parents will be home sometime in the next week and probably next week we'll find out where Veronica is going. She will probably receive her mission call next week. What an exciting time it is, turning her future entirely over to the Lord and trusting him to send her to the right place. I'll keep you posted.

6. And finally, I want to celebrate you. I'm so thankful for good blog friends who come and read what I've written, celebrate with me, cry with me, leave comments for me, send me emails and messages and share the ups and downs of life with me. I'm extremely blessed. 

And that makes me want to celebrate.


Tawnie said...

Happy post. Enjoy St. George.

Mindy said...

One of my all-time favorite getaways was St. George in February. Enjoy!

missy said...

Life is good! I didn't know Veronica was planning on a mission. I can't wait to hear where she's going. Happy times. :)

Kristi said...

That is a lot of good things. Can't wait to hear where veronica is going. I didn't realize she was old enough. That age 19 for girls will take some getting used to.