Emotional Confetti

Today you could write a host of emotions on tiny scraps of paper, throw them in the air and no matter which one you picked up, it would apply to me.

Happy - Tomorrow our house will be filled with loved ones as we celebrate Bruce's safe return from Taiwan. We'll listen to him speak in church and then we'll come home and spend time watching slide shows, eating and enjoying each other's company.

Sad - Even after 27 years, it's hard not to get choked up when I see pictures of my brother, Bruce, who died when he was sixteen. Sad about the years of him missing out on my family's lives and sad because of what we've missed because he's no longer here. Even though both of my sons are named after him, no one in my own little family knows him.

Disappointed - Veronica turned in her mission papers more than a month ago. We've been expecting her call for weeks and it still hasn't been assigned. We were so hoping since it had been delayed, she'd be able to open it when relatives are in town this week. Nope. Major bummer.

Blessed - I'm reading The Rent Collector by Cameron Wright. I'll be doing a review on it later, but just let me say that it makes me so grateful for my life--my house, my opportunities, the ease of my life. Wow!

Grateful - I have a husband and children who have helped me prepare for tomorrow. Cleaning, making 140 breakfast sandwiches, etc. I also have kind extended family who are helping with food.

Hopeful - That my next book will be picked up, that The Amazing Race will be a better season than last season, that my feet will stop hurting, and that the Avett Brothers will come in concert somewhere close. Soon.


missy said...

I hope tomorrow is a great day! I hope all the preparation beforehand will allow you to really enjoy the moments tomorrow. And I'd like to believe that your brother, Bruce, hasn't really missed out on everything. Hope to hear the good news on Veronica's mission call soon!

Tawnie said...

I'm excited for tomorrow. I just finished The Rent Collector. I liked it. I wrote down a couple neat quotes from it. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. Good luck tomorrow. We are so excited to come tomorrow. Thank you!

Mindy said...

So, do I need to read The Rent Collector? :)