If at First You Don't Succeed...

There are a few blogs I love to visit and Clover Lane is one of them. She's a mom who just had her sixth child. She's organized, practical, and no-nonsense. I go there to get inspired.

Several years ago, I joined Sarah... for a few days. I've tried to join her a couple other times but alas, I always seem to fall short.

Today I found this quote from Harold B. Lee. "Any man who thinks he is a spiritual giant and his home is in disorder because of neglect... that man is not on his way to cultivating a love for God."

I don't consider myself a spiritual giant, but I am working toward a higher spirituality.

I want to succeed. I want to clean and organize and declutter. I want to have a place for everything and everything in its place, but when you own too much stuff, that is difficult.

And so, I'm trying again. And I'm hoping my blog will help make me accountable.

I'm hoping. I'm not going to go in this order necessarily. I'll just check them off as I do them. You can join me if you want. If you do, leave me a comment and let me know how you're doing.

1. Coat closet
2. Mud Room
3. Dining Room
4. Front Entry Table
5. Printer area
6. TV credenza in basement
7. Family Room
8. Master closet
9. Master bath
10. Upstairs kids' bath
11. Kitchen
12. Kitchen
13. Kitchen
14. Kitchen Freezer
15. Garage Freezer
16. Deep Freeze
17. Laundry Room
18. Laundry Room
19. Savannah's Room
20. Joe's Room
21. Master Bedroom
22. Master Bedroom
23. Bruce's Room
24. Furnace Room
25. Furnace Room
26. Craft Room
27. Craft Room
28. Hall by Craft Room
29. Basement baths
30. Basement
31. Outside Fridge
32. Inside Fridge
33. Garage
34. Garage
35. Garage
36. Toy Trunk
37. Medicine Cupboard
38. Computer Cupboard
39. File Cabinets
40. Main Floor Surfaces

Good luck to all of us who are trying (with varying degrees of success) to be organized people.


Tawnie said...

ha!! I took out 10 bags today and numbered them. Once they are filled, I'll number 10 more and hopefully get to 40....my goal. I asked Emily if she has enough stuff in her room to get rid of that she could fill up a bag. She's pretty organized and good at getting rid of stuff but she said she'll try anyway so I gave her bag #1. I don't get far every year either but I'm determined to try again. Good job. I hope it goes well. Keep us updated!

Aldrea Alien said...

Good luck!

With my other half running about, I rarely bother to do more than the occassional bit of tidying. Whenever he moans, I bring up 'the shed' incident.

See, I spent five days tidying up the shed. Five whole days! And afterwards, it was wonderful. You could even see the floor.
Then he comes home and ... instant bomb site. -_-

It's the same with the back porch. I swear, there must something in their brains that says "hey here's a clean space, must dump stuff in it and ignore forever"

Lolawid said...

Ha! I've been working on this slowly! Within this last month I have cleaned out our coat closet and I cleaned off my nightstand. I also have kind of gone through the big bookcase and got rid of some older books that we won't ever read (it was so hard getting rid of them!!), and then today I filled 2 big garbage bags of clothes (mostly kids) that were in my closet and took them to DI. Thanks for this post! Onward and upward!

Torrie said...

I've been doing this week by week like this too, and it's made a HUGE difference. I've tried to "get organized" before, but it never stuck. This room-by-room business is the first time that serious organization has taken over my household.

And I love it.

Good luck on your organizing challenge!

missy said...

Around the holidays we got rid of SO MUCH stuff! Toys, tons of books, clothes, furniture, etc. But then I kind of lost my fire and I still have rooms/closets/drawers to go through. While it's definitely better than it was, I'd love to finish the job. Maybe this is the push I need...