My Top Three Superbowl Ads

There were plenty of things to make last night's Superbowl interesting. There were brothers coaching opposing teams. There was the computer glitch that caused the lights to go out and effectively changed the momentum of the game. There was a half-time show that luckily we could fast-forward through. (Seriously, has there been a good half-time show in the last decade? I can't think of one.)

And there were the commercials.

During an evening when most of the commercials celebrated selfishness, beer bottled in black, fancy bottles, materialism, and general shallowness, I enjoyed a few highlights. Here are my top three.

Entertaining and cute.

Touching, powerful, beautiful and inspiring. This one made me cry. This ad was America at it's best. Loved it!


Kristi said...

Those ones stuck out to us too. I love the Superbowl for the commercials and the food.

missy said...

I'm so glad you posted these. I usually check out the commercials the day after the super bowl, but never took the time this year. In my experience, we seem to have fairly similar tastes (marzipan anyone?) so I'll be content to know I've seen the three best. :)

Anonymous said...

You forgot the GoDaddy commercial.

Seriously thought, the Dodge Ram commercial was my favorite. Maybe my favorite since this one (1995 49ers vs Chargers):