Rapunzel Untangled - Review & Interview

When do you do your best writing?  
In the middle of the night, oddly enough. I write some during the day but mostly use that time for marketing, emails, etc. My most creative time starts around 10 pm and I'll usually write until around 3 or 4 am. Sometimes I get so into writing it might be 6 am before I go to bed. It's just what works for me. So don't try to call me before noon - I'll be sleeping.
How much of your writing comes from your real life?
There are bits and pieces of my personal life in all of my books. Little experiences or conversations I've had, maybe cars I drove or someone I knew/know. I think every single book I have has a small piece of my life in it because I find it almost impossible to keep myself completely out of it. I suspect it's that way for all writers.
How do you get ideas for new novels?
Many different places. Sometimes I dream part of a story, sometimes I hear a snippet of conversation somewhere that causes an idea to bloom. I might observe someone doing something that seems mundane and everyday and yet for whatever reason it sparks the beginnings of a story. Or I see a single scene from a movie that sends my mind down a whole new path for a different story than the one I'm watching. I think I spent my whole life making up stories so much that now I find it impossible to not always be thinking of new ones. I only wish I could type as fast as my warped brain comes up with them!
What author, living or dead, would you like to be your mentor?
Odd as it sounds since I write YA and he writes horror, I'd love to sit down and pick Stephen King's brain (not literally, of course! That would only happen in one of his books). He's very intelligent and I've listened to him talking about writing. I think he's learned a lot in all the years he's been writing, so it would be cool to just be able to ask him a million questions about the craft.
When you read for fun, what do you choose?
Generally I read YA. Once in a while I read an adult fiction book, but I gravitate toward what I love, which is YA. I wish I had the ability to write a really awesome dystopian YA book because those seem to be what I read the most of. My mind just doesn't know how to create those unique worlds and circumstances naturally. I think it would be a lot of hard work for me to write one of those. I'm liking all of the new zombie YA novels that are emerging now as well.
What are you working on now?
I'm currently finishing up the last two of my Enchanted Fairytales short stories. One is my take on Cinderella, the other on Swan Lake. I'm also writing a collaboration with two of my critique partners, and another sci-fi type YA book with one of them. I'm also working on the sequel to Immortal Mine, tentatively titled Immortal Yours. So I have a few things going :o). I need to finish them so I can begin one of the other books dancing around in my brain, clamoring to be set free.

My Review

First off, look at that cover. It's gorgeous and fits the book so perfectly. I was lucky enough to read this before it came out and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like reworkings of fairy tales and Rapunzel has always been a favorite of mine. Cindy did a great job with this. The characters were interesting and well-developed. She managed to move this story into modern day without it being hokey or silly.

The story development and use of technology was creative and fun. I had trouble putting this down and was excited to find out how it all played out.

This is a clean book that, although aimed at a young adult audience, will appeal to both tweens and adults, as well. Great job, Cindy.

Check it out!

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