Happy Birthday, Leslie

Today is my youngest sister, Leslie's birthday. She may be the youngest but she's also the tallest of us girls.

Leslie has been dealt some hard things in her life but always manages to pick herself up, dust herself off, put a smile on her face and move on. (And look at that smile!)

Leslie was widowed at age 30, just before her little boy's second birthday. She's raising a sweet, beautiful little boy.

I've always admired Leslie's empathy and concern for others. Several years ago my daughter was struggling. She had no friends at school, spent her recesses alone and was sad and lonely from the time she left home until she returned after school. When Leslie heard, she showed up after school one day, took her for a fun outing, bought her a necklace and then framed a picture of the two of them. It was such a blessing to my daughter and a blessing for a worried mom.

Leslie is a talented photographer and has made some of the prettiest cards. She sells them at a local boutique. If I can talk her into opening an etsy shop or a website to sell them, I'll be sure to link them for you.

Happy birthday, my dear little sister and friend! I hope this year is amazing for you! I love you.


Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

wow. thanks.

this is the 6th birthday i have had since aaron died and it is the 6th birthday i have resented arriving. each year that passes is another year lost without getting to have more children. i didn't want this day to arrive again.

BUT, this was a really nice way to start out the day. i am sitting her bawling my eyes out after reading this, thank you for writing such nice things about me. it didn't make me smile yet because i am crying so hard, but reading it made me feel good. so thank you.

i love you, my sister.

Vern said...

Happy Birthday Leslie! I love you tons! You're the best!

Tawnie said...

You're beautiful Leslie. You are a great friend and I hope it's a happy day and even happier year. I love you! And your sisters!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Leslie. I hope your day was great. I love you and am so grateful you are a part of our family. you are a very special daughter of God and I am so happy you (and Aaron) are with us. LMH