There She Goes... And It's Perfect

After weeks of waiting and watching others (who'd sent in their papers after Veronica) get their calls, Veronica's mission call finally came yesterday.

She was excited and nervous. More than anyone I've ever seen, she didn't care where she was going. She just wanted to know.

Her patience was rewarded last night with loved ones who were able to make a last-minute trip to Utah County, other loved ones on computers and phones, and good friends who were all here to see what the next 18 months has in store for her. 

She tearfully opened her call and discovered she's going to the Washington, Seattle mission. That's the same mission I went to 27 years ago (keeping it real by admitting it was that long ago) although geographic area of the mission is much smaller now that they've trimmed off sections to create the Everett, Federal Way, Tacoma, and Vancouver missions.

Still, she's headed for my mission! I'm thrilled, but more importantly, she's thrilled.

These missions are amazing things. There aren't very many times in our lives when we hand over the future so entirely to our Heavenly Father. I've had two children open mission calls now and both times I was nervous and even a little fearful. Would they go somewhere that made them happy? Would they go somewhere suited to their personalities and strengths and abilities? Would they go somewhere that would cause me to worry the entire time they were gone? Would they experience joy when they opened their call or disappointment?

At both mission openings, I've had a lump in my throat and a little mother's fear in my heart. With each mission call, the envelope was opened and the letter read and instantly, my worries were over and I knew for sure that Heavenly Father knew best.

I'm so excited for Veronica to have this opportunity. She will love Seattle. LOVE IT! The people she meets will love her. They won't be able to help themselves.

 She's spectacular!

And I love her.
(I don't like doing multiple posts in a day. I feel like one or the other gets short-changed. Be sure to scroll down and wish my sister a happy birthday.)


Vern said...

Thanks Mom. It really is perfect, isn't it? I can't think of anywhere I'd rather serve the Lord. It will be amazing! I'm so excited to go to the same mission you did! Love you!

Tawnie said...

so so so so so excited for you. You are an amazing girl and you will be an amazing missionary. so happy to have your example as you pave the way for many girl cousins following.

Torrie said...

It seems like that's happening more and more--where kids are going to their parents' missions, or even to their older sibling's.

Couldn't be more excited for Veronica. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my mission. It will change her life forever.

Congrats, Veronica!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and exciting time for you, Veronica. This call to serve the Lord is perfect for you. I love the Pacific Northwest and you will love it as well. Great adventures await you and you will be loved by so many people. You are so sweet and each area you serve in will hate it when you get transferred. My advice for a perfect mission experience is this: Love the people, pray fervently for the Spirit to be with you each day as you find and teach, follow the mission rules with exactness, be safe - if something doesn't feel right, pay attention to those promptings. You are in for a life changing experience, in the best way! I love you so much. God Speed! LMH

missy said...

yay! How exciting! Jeff is from Oregon and I'm sure there are many similarities. So beautiful and wet and green. I wish Veronica the best!

LL said...

Thank you for sharing, what a touching experience. She is beautiful, and obviously will be a fabulous missionary.