Scraps of Life - A Random Post

Isn't Spring great? These are the tulips we planted at our last house. I miss them and wish we could grow tulips here. We planted about a hundred of them our first fall here, but only one made it to be an actual flower before the deer ate them. Sadly, that one only lasted a day before it was chomped off at the ground. The deer are lovely, but I'd sure like some tulips.

Today my oldest son, Bruce, is going up to the University of Utah for a math placement test. This will prevent him from sitting bored through a class that is beneath his ability. It will also keep him from struggling or failing through a class that he's unprepared for. This morning as I was looking at my list of things to do, I realized I want a life placement test. Do you think it could keep me from spinning my wheels on mundane things? or prevent me from drowning in the things I'm not so good at? Hmm. Wouldn't that be nice?

49 days. 55 days. The first is how many days are left until we're freed from the shackles of school and can enjoy our summer. The second is how long we have until we send Veronica out to serve the Lord for 18 months. I find myself in a conundrum. I can't want the one to get here as quickly as possible and have the other one stay far away.

Saturday, Savannah and Joe's guitar teacher is performing at the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival with her band. She invited Savannah and Joe to each perform a number. They've been working hard. Joe is confident and excited. Savannah is scared out of her mind. Perhaps you could join me in praying that it's a good experience for both of them. I can't wait to hear them.

We're once again watching The Voice. I love it and I think the show has been greatly improved by bringing on Shakira and Usher. I'll admit I miss some of the entertaining antics of CeeLo, but I miss nothing about Christina Aguilara. Nothing. Not her arrogance, her costumes, her it's-all-about-me attitude, and not her giant fake ones. There are a few singers I really like, too. It should be a fun season. Oh, and Carson Daly is the nicest, goofiest, sincerest, charmingest host ever. (I know charmingest isn't a word, but I had a nice rhythm going and I'm a creative writer, so I decided to create a word.)

The Utah Jazz are killing me as we wrap up the season. They're trying to make it to the playoffs. They don't have a chance to do much if they get there so I've heard some say it doesn't really matter. But to me it does! And not for the reason you might think. I can't stand the Lakers and of all the Lakers, Kobe Bryant heads the list of Lakers I don't like. Just after the all-star break, he made a guarantee that the Lakers (who were stinking it up pretty bad) would make it to the playoffs.  The Jazz are the only thing standing between Kobe delivering on his guarantee with a smirk and his tongue sticking out or Kobe skulking off with his head hung in shame. Go Jazz!

Yes, I guess I'm just that petty.

I've read a couple of GREAT books lately. I'll be reviewing them soon so watch for that. I'll help you build your summer reading list.


missy said...

Life Placement? Sign me up!!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts! I do love Carson Daly, he is great. Christina didn't bug me too much, but all of her cleavage did. Aren't you the one that had strategically placed papers on your TV? :o) My daughter said that Usher scares her, he is kind of intense. Also, my hubby says that his favorite b-ball teams are the Jazz, and anyone that plays the Lakers. He can't stand them either.

Have a great day!!

Lori Widdison

Anonymous said...

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. I LOVE TULIPS! - I always loved summer when my kids were all mine for a few short months. - The best to Bruce, he is a great guy! - Would love to see the performance by your two singers/guitarists! - I love The Voice and Usher and Shakira are a great addition and a breath of fresh air this season. Carson Daly trumps Ryan Seacrest in every way possible! - I haven't seen a Jazz game for years - but anyone who can take out the Lakers and Kobe Bryant will get my support! - You have a great day as well!!!