Two Perfect Days

What constitutes a perfect weekend? I'll tell you.

Eight hours (ten for the guys) of spiritual uplift and council from prophets and apostles.

A feeling of comfort and reassurance from almost every speaker.

Bagels and cream cheese, grilled sandwiches, soup, pancakes, curry chicken and rice, ice cream, and pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

A colorful 1000 piece puzzle of donuts (see picture). 

A box of craft paper to draw and create.

Paints and canvas to paint.

Cute journals to take notes in.

A shopping trip for the girls to buy missionary things and underwear things while the boys went to their meeting.

Our own copy of Les Miserables so we can fast forward to all our favorite songs.

Having the women of the Tabernacle Choir wear ruffly, pepto-bismol pink muumuus that make me feel like I look pretty good.

My entire family at home together in the same room doing the same thing for hours and hours.

I paid for it today with hours and hours of housework, but it was totally worth it. We won't have everyone together for another conference for at least two years. I loved it and wish it were Saturday morning all over again.


missy said...

I had similar thoughts about the muumuus. Ha ha! Curry chicken and rice? That might just be my favorite food. Good thing I live several states away or I would have been sitting in your living room with you. :) Loved the conference. I always look forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Conference was great, as always. Loved every moment. Why does it take so long for conference weekend to arrive and then it is gone so quickly?
Loved all you said. Love the puzzle! I must borrow it.
Food is good!!
Taking notes is perfect.
Family time is the best ever.
Wonderful talks!
Gorgeous music!
Pink pepto-bismol is for the tummy!
Not for over 100 hundred dresses in one spot!
Why not a classic black gown for the ladies of the choir and then dress it up with simple, but lovely accents! All the colored dresses must go!
Fortunately, the beautiful counsel of the messages and music didn't suffer!
We are blessed with amazing leaders!

Becca said...

I loved the moment when each member of my family either walked in or looked up and caught sight of the ruffled pink-ness. There was a version of "Oh, my" from each of them. I'm sure whoever is in charge of the costuming decisions chose those dresses just to make us feel stylish while we watched in our sweats.

(It WAS a near-perfect weekend, though, wasn't it?)

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I was atractive by the donuts! Ah!! Looks so yummy!!!