Go Warriors! (I'll Bet You Never Thought You'd Hear Me Say That)

Basketball is without a doubt my favorite sport. I enjoy other things (the Olympics, golf, sometimes even bull-riding) but basketball is definitely my favorite.

My local NBA team, the Utah Jazz, have struggled the last few years. I still cheer for them and watch the games because I'm not a fair-weather fan, but when they didn't make the playoffs this year, my basketball season was cut short as well.

Luckily, the Jazz played the Golden State Warriors toward the end of the season and as I watched that game, I noticed something beautiful. Can you see it? Look at the picture closely and tell me what you see.

I saw it. A team with mostly untattooed players. I mentioned it to my kids who were watching the game and we admired that clean skin. Curious (and because I'm a little weird), I looked up the team roster and went to Google images for each player. Ten of the fifteen players on the roster had tattooless arms. I can't vouch for backs or other body parts, but that's okay. Ten guys had clean, inkless arms.

I watched them during their first playoff game and realized that there were times when the entire lineup on the floor were without body art. I also noticed that they were hard workers and seemed like nice guys. I started to really like Curry and Jack and Thompson and Bogut and some of the others, too.

A play-off relationship was born. I'm now a fan. I hope they go far. Thanks, Golden State for giving me a play-off team to cheer for and thanks for your clean, smooth, skin-colored skin. I like it. I think I'll be cheering for them next year, too (except when they play the Jazz).


Anonymous said...

That is refreshing to see no tattoos on so many players on a basketball team. Hopefully they will stay that way and not bow to the peer pressure to ink up their arms. Tattoos are so disgusting!

Anonymous said...

I, too, think tattoos are more an eyesore than social score!

Who would have though Golden State would be the most successful team in California this season??