Know Where to Rent a Bulldozer?

This past five days were spent in Portland and Seattle. We had a great trip filled with research, seeing relatives and showing Veronica parts of her mission (which were parts of my mission). More on all that in upcoming posts.

We stayed with my cousin and his wife. They have a nice home about 30 minutes outside Seattle. They were wonderful and gracious hosts.

Mike and Shirlee built their house almost three years ago. It was comfortable and open and furnished sparingly. I loved how free of clutter it was. As we visited, I learned why.

When they decided to build a new house, they wanted to stay where they were--literally. They loved their lot, their yard, and their location. So they decided to bulldoze their previous house, which was smaller and much older, and build right there in the same spot.

They went through their house and carefully chose what they wanted to keep--furniture that had been handed down to them, family pictures and a few other sentimental items. They moved those things to storage and then bulldozed everything else. All those odds and ends that stymie us when we're trying to declutter were just bulldozed and hauled away.

When they finished the house, they moved in their few belongings and then slowly and thoughtfully bought nice furniture they loved.

What resulted was a comfortable, uncluttered house.

It would be fun to start over like that.

Anyone want to split the cost of renting a bulldozer?


Tawnie said...

Love it!! Sounds wonderful. I love my house and where I live but if given the chance, I would do this in a heartbeat. I love the idea of bulldozing away all the stuff you don't know what to do.
Ahhhh. Simple and clutter free. Is it possible?

missy said...

As devastating as it would be to have my house burn down, sometimes I've thought of all the problems it would solve! Love this bulldozer idea for clearing away the clutter. Maybe having the kids choose what they want to give away isn't as effective as it would be to have them choose what they would keep...

Anonymous said...

I'm in!! Just set the date!! Sounds wonderful to me!! We need to declutter so badly, but doing it piece by piece doesn't work! You know the routine! "We just might need that someday! Uggghhh LMH

Heidi Martin said...

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Unknown said...

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