Some Days...

Some days are almost perfect.

Today was Veronica's missionary farewell. We're not supposed to call them that, but anything else I'd call it sounds clunky and awkward. Today Veronica spoke in church prior to leaving on a mission. Today was Veronica's pre-mission Sacrament Meeting address.

See what I mean?

She did a beautiful job. She spoke on kindness and was well-prepared and well-spoken. It was hard to tell she was nervous, even though I knew she was.

Savannah was the youth speaker and it was easier to tell how nervous she was. She couldn't get a deep breath before church. Thank goodness we had an early meeting or she'd have suffered from lack of oxygen.

I discovered something today. Both girls cry cute and it makes me a little jealous. No contorted faces. No smeared mascara. They looked positively pretty when they cried. I'm trying not to feel a little jealous of that.

We filled benches at church with loved ones--grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Sorry to the ward members we displaced. Then most of those loved ones joined us at our house for cinnamon rolls, pecan sticky buns, lots of fruit and brownies. Everyone helped with food and it was delicious.

We filled the next several hours with visiting, movies for the kids, music, face-swapping on the mobile devices and lots of laughing. People ate more fruit or another cinnamon roll. Or both. Babies were held. Children entertained. Grown ups enjoyed being together. We missed our Oregon family and the Texas grandparents.

I'm tired tonight. So tired! But I'm also so grateful. Days like today are the brown-sugar dredged pecans on the sticky buns of life.


Tawnie said...

It was a wonderful day. Veronica and Savannah both did wonderful. I'm glad we got to hear both of them. John and I both teared up a few times during Veronica's talk. You have beautiful girls. Thank you for hosting our crowd ALL DAY!! It is nice to have big events to get us all together like that.

missy said...

Sounds perfect to me. (I envy your beautiful criers, too. Everything makes me tear up which means my nose gets all red and puffy and my eyes are an open faucet. Ugh.)

Best to Veronica. What an exciting time! :)

Kristi said...

We HATE missing these things. Wish so much that we could have been there. I guess I didn't realize in February that that was the last time we would see her before she leaves for her mission. I would have loved to have heard both girls' talks and tasted those pecan sticky buns.

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful day filled with a spiritual feast, and then lots of family, food, fun and enjoyment. Everything that makes up a perfect day. We truly missed you Oregonians. Thanks to two beautiful young ladies, Veronica and Savannah for a wonderful Sacrament Meeting. The Spirit was there and you were both amazing. Veronica will be a marvelous missionary. I have no doubt about that. She will be missed, but people in her mission are in for such a treat to have her serve there. The best to you, Veronica. We love you dearly. LMH