A Beautiful Ache


Today I turned my beautiful daughter over to the Lord. I fully expect Him to take good care of her. I'm counting on Him to comfort her tonight when she cries, to soothe her heart when she's lonely. I know He is going to use her sweetness to bless others, her testimony to teach others and her loving heart to change others.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

But tonight I'm not just missing the lovely daughter I left in a crowd of cheering and happy missionaries...

I'm also missing the skinny baby who looked so breakable her dad was afraid to hold her.

I'm missing the little girl who made her dad and me work super hard for her smiles, but would laugh the second Bruce said, "Boo." Every single time.

I'm thinking about the responsible six-year-old who cleaned house, took care of her little sister and nursed me when I was on bedrest with Joe.

I miss the good student who never put off an assignment.

I miss the baker who could always be persuaded to make cookies.

I miss the girl who always pitched in to help without being asked and NEVER let me work while she sat.

I miss the repentant little girl who would cry in her bed because she'd lost her temper hours earlier and felt so bad about it. 

I miss the perfectionist who held her books carefully so she wouldn't crack the spine.

I miss the girl who hasn't missed a day of reading her scriptures in more than six years.

I'm missing Savannah's best friend. 

I'm missing the bear hugs, the smiles, and the silly dances. 

The thought of her crying tonight in her bed levels me but the thought of the lives she's going to touch and the woman she's becoming picks me back up.

I love you, Veronica. God bless you!


mormon birth mom said...

This is beautiful Karey! I wouldn't believe how wonderful and perfect she is if I didn't know her just the little bit that I do. You are all an amazing family and it's because of you that she will succeed famously. I know she will honor her Father in Heaven the way her mother did "just a few" years ago. I pray for you anyway though because I can only imagine your aching joy! Love you!

Karey said...

Thanks, Dana. I'm planning on her meeting wonderful people like you.

Tawnie said...

I've been waiting for this post. And of course I cried. What a beautiful young lady. And an incredible family. Love you all!!!

Lisa said...

oh the exquisite, joyful heartache. i can't imagine how you must be feeling. once again...blink. and they are gone. LOVE YOU.

Leslie said...

i love vern.
what about the girl who takes cold showers if she is running late so that she doesn't get too comfortable and she hurries faster? :)

veronica will be missed. we love her.

aaron has been praying for her already in his prayers. he prayed tonight and said something like "bless veronica to have good testimonies." it was sweet.

Leslie said...

p.s. we love you all as well.

Karey said...

Thanks everyone. I didn't think about the cold showers. Silly girl. Tell Aaron thank you. Things this good shouldn't be this hard, right?

Jinky said...

Have a safe and great mission, Veronica!

In 8.5yrs, my lil man will go too. :)

Scott / Lori said...

Oh the things we do because we know Heavenly Father is in charge and has a plan for us. We too, know he will be watching over her. Love you all! She is going to be so great.

Mindy said...

Hugs for all of you. <3

Anonymous said...

Tears of joy yet an aching heart. That is what I feel as my sweet penpal/granddaughter heads off to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. Veronica has been my penpal for several years now. So, you could add to your list, "The girl who is faithful at being a penpal to her grandmother when she could be doing other things." Her letters have brought me great joy and she has shared her life with me in this way. She will set the world on fire with her sweetness and her testimony. Love and miss her very much. LMH

LL said...

I still have two years until he leaves and I already have a lump in my throat.

Torrie said...

She's going to bless the lives of SO many--so proud of her! (hard to believe that this is the girl I used to babysit way back when!)

Kristi said...

Oh my goodness. She is gone. She is such a wonderful girl. She will bless the lives of many.

Kathy Habel said...

A mother's love... Wishing both of you the best :)