My Birthday -- Give Me Presents!

Tuesday is my birthday. I'm turning 49 years old. YIKES! I don't feel that old. In fact, if I had to say how old I feel, with the exception of an occasional wild hair and a couple of crunchy knees, I'd say I feel more like mid-thirties.

This means I'm nearly to the big Five-O. It means I'm likely well beyond the half-way point of my life. It means the wrinkles I see in the mirror aren't just a figment of my imagination.

Last year I came across this blog posting from a woman who was celebrating her 38th birthday by doing 38 random acts of kindness. I loved the idea and decided that's how I'd celebrate my 48th birthday. Then my birthday fell during a month-long case of kidney stones that had me wondering if I wouldn't prefer to celebrate my birthday dead. I didn't do 48 acts of kindness But I did survive.

So here I am just a few days away from 49 and so far the kidney stones seem to be leaving me alone this year. So I'm going to do it.

Seriously though, why couldn't I have discovered this idea twenty years ago? It would have made for a much more relaxed day. I'm enlisting my family to help me and we're going to do our best to manage


acts of kindness in one day. I'll report back next Wednesday. (I doubt I'll have time to report on Tuesday. 49 is a lot of years to commemorate in one day!)


I'm not asking for an ice cream maker or flowers or even marzipan.

If you want to give me a present, would you do one or two random acts of kindness on my behalf? and then will you come by and leave a comment and tell me what you did? Only a few people in the world know me, but wouldn't it be cool if June 18 turned out to be an extra happy day for lots of people and not just me? 

Some of you won't see this until after my birthday is over, and that's okay. I'll accept random acts of kindness for as long as people are willing to give! I'd be okay celebrating my birthday all year long.

Thanks! and I just for the record... I really like you guys and am grateful you occasionally stop by.


fredamans said...

Happy birthday!

Kristi said...

I pledge 5 random acts of kindness. We will celebrate with you. each one of our kids (that know what is going on) will perform one act of kindness on your birthday. It will be fun.
And happy early birthday to you.

Karey said...

Thank you both. And thanks, Kristi! Be sure to tell your kids (even the ones that don't know what's going on) that I love them.

missy said...

I am so far behind on reading blogs, but I am SO GLAD I saw this today! At first I thought I was too late. Anyway, count me it. I will return and report. :) A great idea!!

By the way, yes, we are coming to Utah in July. We are planning to have Sadie baptized on the 20th out there. I'll let you know once we have a location. I'd love for you to come. :)


Anonymous said...

I will do something on your birthday. Don't know how much. (-;
Do you have to do all 49 in one day? Why not spread out the good deeds over a few days time?
Love you and Happy Birthday to my firstborn. LMH

Jewel's Gems said...

Happy Birthday again, and you don't look a day over 29:-)
What a great idea! I'm also turning 49 in a few weeks so I think I'm going to give that a try. Thanks:-)

missy said...

Here's my report so far:
I delivered 3 plates of cookies and I paid for the person behind me at the McD's drive-thru. :) I'm counting that as 4 acts of kindness. I'm hoping to write three missionaries before the night is through, but I'm not sure that is going to happen at the rate this night is slipping by... I'll make sure to let you know if it does. Happy Birthday!

Edonna Flake said...

Happy Birthday to Karey-Love Edonna and Leticia
Leticia is currently full-time serving her mother-in-law in her final decline. So daily, she holds an anxious, confused, and fearful grandmother's hand to comfort her. "I'm afraid of Purgatory!" "I don't know about Purgatory; let me tell you what I believe." Finally, she gets to bear testimony! Her religion has been off limits topic for nearly 30 years.
Edonna-Sis is a hermit attending to family and so I took her 2 new movies to watch as she holds the hand and comforts her mother-in-law. BTW: in MIL's mind "Leticia"=help when needed,comfort when fearful=someone who takes care of me
Have a great day! It's been a pleasure to participate.