MY Own Mr. Darcy - NEWS

I'm very excited to share a few updates about My Own Mr. Darcy.

First! The My Own Mr. Darcy Kickstarter project has reached 90% funding. That means that with just $72 more dollars in backing, I'll have the funding for the book launch inventory and prizes. I'm so excited and so grateful for your support.

Second! The Pride and Prejudice Giveaway has 3 days left. That means you can still enter to win a great P&P prize package. Enter to win and help get the Kickstarter funded all at the same time.

Third! The King's English has posted the My Own Mr. Darcy reading and signing event on their website. It's going to be great. In the book, Matt Dawson (Mr. Darcy) takes Lizzie to a restaurant called The Herbgarden in Seattle. The 9th and final course is "an assortment of small treats." That's what we're going to have at the party! You don't want to miss it. They're going to be delicious!

And LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST! My Own Mr. Darcy is available to purchase on Amazon!

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Shallee said...

Congrats! Good luck with it, I'm off to check the book out more!