Oh Boys!

Last week my 13 year-old went to basketball camp. I arrived at the end of camp to pick him up and was flabbergasted at the condition of his room. Gatorade bottles, garbage, snack bags and candy wrappers were all over. Chips and Cheetos were all over the floor and even in the beds.

Joe had stayed in the dorm with a friend and two other friends had stayed close by. There were a couple of evenings when they had a little down time and decided to hang out together in the room. Judging by the condition of the room, I think they thought they were rock stars and it was their job, or right, to thrash the place.

Sadly for me, I got to play the role of maid when I came to help them check out. It was disgusting and I teased them about what little pigs they were.

Then on the way home, they were telling me about the week and they laughed about what one of their friends had done. They'd had an evening devotional/check-in that Joe and his roommate attended while the other two boys, who weren't staying in the same building, stayed in their room. One of them needed to go to the bathroom, but since they didn't have a room key, they were afraid they'd end up locked out of the room if they left before Joe and his roommate returned.

So they did what any trucker-in-training would do. He peed into a Gatorade bottle and then threw the bottle in the trash. (Hey, at least that bottle made it to the trash. I should be glad, right? One less bottle for us to pick up and throw away on the last day of camp.)


He didn't put the lid on so the bottle filled the bottom of the garbage.

And then I came in and helped the boys clean up.
And then while I stripped the beds they picked up all the trash and loaded their duffle bags.
And then while they vacuumed I dumped their garbage into the larger can outside the door.
And then I got "Gatorade" all over my hand and forearm as it spilled out of the bottom of the garbage.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I cannot write what I am thinking about this experience...
I am sorry for what you had to endure and it sounds like some major training needs to be given to some teenage boys about what is appropriate when away from home and using other peoples property.
Just sayin'

Kristi said...

Ughh. Yuck.
One of my boys also put "Gatorade" in my travel shampoo container.
Boys will be boys, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
Sorry you had to be the maid.

Brooke said...

I'm glad I have girls.