Pride and Prejudice - The Fabulous & the Ridiculous

I'll be posting a BIG giveaway in connection with my Kickstarter later this week. In my efforts to put together a prize package that will have everyone clamoring to be the grand-prize winner, I came across some interesting Pride and Prejudice finds.
There are the posters.

I think this is really pretty. Great shot of the Bennet women. 
There's this poster that has the text from the entire book. And they say it's readable. So if you want to stand by the wall for your next reading of the classic book, this is for you.
This one is for all of you who prefer Colin Firth.

I'll just take this one.

There have been so many editions of Pride and Prejudice it boggles my mind. This is a beautiful leather edition I'd love to own. And here are a few I thought were funny.

The Peacock Edition.
The Japanese flower edition.
The wrapped in a floral blanket edition.
The large print edition that has Darcy looking more like Mr. Collins.
Someone was probably so proud of this cover design. Look at that lace in the foreground? If only we had a profile of her looking at herself from the corner, ala Olin Mills, 1983.
The high school art project edition.
The Costco cheap porcelain doll edition.
Isn't this lovely? 
The birdcage edition (because Elizabeth was such a bird lover (Remember when the birds tied a lovely blue sash to Elizabeth's ball gown? Oh yeah, that was Cinderella.)
Did you know Lizzie Bennet was a Marvel Hero? Yep. Here's the proof. The Marvel graphic novel of Pride and Prejudice. Love the sound of these articles. I'm just glad to know that Bingley brought the bling to Britain.
And my favorite... The terrifying puppet edition. This is enough to cause nightmares.

It's never too early to familiarize your daughters with Pride and Prejudice. Or maybe you'd like to play paper dolls with your book club. These look cute, but I'd have preferred a manlier Mr. Darcy. He has a figure I wish was mine in this photo.
There's all kinds of Pride and Prejudice charms.
These are perfectly attractive people but I'm not sure in what universe someone thought it looked like Darcy and Elizabeth. They look more like a Justin and Jessica to me.
I have no words. And there are two of them.


Carrie Ann said...

When is MY OWN MR. DARCY launching? I read about it on Bookworm Lisa's blog, but can't seem to find the release date. And it isn't available on Amazon even for pre-order? Are you planning a surprise launch with party hats and cake? LOL

Karey said...

The launch party is set for September 14. It will be available before then on Amazon. Thanks for asking!

Kristi said...