Happy Birthday, Bruce!

Bruce had been home almost a year which means he's celebrating his 22nd birthday.


You might see a young man who's focused and ambitious and smart. You might see a man who's handsome and loves to travel. You might see a man with good taste in music who loves to look at buildings. You might see a man with style and a good smile and varying degrees of facial hair. You might see a traveler who likes to see new things and is willing to try all kinds of unusual foods. You might see a leader, a friend, a teacher.

I see a baby with huge, dark eyes who loves to laugh. I see a little boy leaning over his baby sister's carseat, making her laugh when no one else can. I see a basketball player who wasn't the tallest or quickest on the floor but who had the kind of floor vision coaches dream of. I see a basketball player who considered the game a success if he'd been able to get the ball in everyone's hands and everyone had scored at least once. I see an oldest child who set an amazing example for his younger brother and sisters. I see a man who knows what he believes and speaks up. I see a man who's willing to make sacrifices to reach his goals.

I see my oldest son.

I love you, Bruce and I'm so grateful to be your mom.

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