Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Today is my second sister, Lisa's birthday.

Lisa is a pretty amazing person. She was blessed with a world-class voice. I know you always hear things like that and shows like American Idol and The Voice show families who think their singer is amazing when really, they're just okay or even kinda bad, but not Lisa. She has a gorgeous voice and could have performed on Broadway if that had been her goal. Instead, she sings to her children, sings in church and will eventually (I predict) sing in The Tabernacle Choir.

Lisa is quirky and creative and has decorated her home from second-hand stores and the classified ads and she puts it all together beautifully. She's always rearranging and tweaking things and she really has a good eye for design.

Her greatest accomplishment, however, is seven of the cutest kids you've ever seen. I mean, look at that family.

I'm blessed to be able to call Lisa not only my sister, but also my good friend. She's a beautiful, selfless person. Happy birthday, Lisa. I love you!


LL said...

Its been over 20 years since had the pleasure of being in the same room with Lisa, but this post made me smile. She really is amazing! Her humor is my BEST memory of her. I forgot about her singing voice! I can't wait to see her in the MoTab ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great posting about Lisa. Loved reading it and I agree with all you said. Love her dearly. LMH

Mindy said...

Love this post! I adore Lisa, and her beautifully decorated home (seriously, even her bathroom was gorgeous!), and her amazing voice. She's an inspiration to me.

Lisa said...

talk about a birthday that keeps on giving! i had no idea you did this! thank you for your kind, kind words. love you!

Leslie said...

love you, lis!

karey named all of the biggest things i am jealous of about you.

she did not mention how caring and thoughtful you are of people.

love you.