Sweet Sixteen Savannah

"Sweet Sixteen" is a cute term that has rarely been more accurate than it is today. Sixteen years ago today, I became the mom to this beautiful, SWEET girl.

To mark this exciting occasion, here are sixteen fun facts about Savannah.

1. Savannah is the least judgmental person I know. She ALWAYS gives people the benefit of the doubt and treats everyone kindly.

2. Savannah has her own style. She prefers shopping at thrift stores so no one else will ever be wearing the same thing she is. I roll my eyes at some of the things she buys, but then she puts it all together and she always looks great.

3. Savannah is creative. Insanely creative. She remakes clothing items, draws, paints, does pottery and ceramics.

4. Savannah is talented. She has the voice of an angel and sounds like no one else, plays guitar, writes music and is learning banjo.

5. She loves sleep. When she was little and the other kids were begging to stay up late, Savannah would go to sleep. If she was tired, she'd go to bed. She's in heaven if she can take an afternoon nap.

6. She's a funny sleeper. If she falls asleep and needs moved to her bed, you can expect to be entertained. She's turned cartwheels, walked up to walls and put her hands and cheek against them as she fell back asleep. She mumbles all kinds of hilarious gibberish. It's actually kinda fun to disturb her sleep.

7. Savannah is un-opinionated to a fault. She's always willing to let others decide what we eat, what we watch, where we go. Sometimes we force her to express a choice, just so she can practice. Agreeable is good but I don't want her to be a doormat for someone.

8. It's no secret, but a big, glaring fact about Savannah is that she doesn't like school. Gutting out the next 2 1/2 years of high school will be for Savannah like getting a doctorate for some people. It isn't that she can't do it. She just loathes the whole process. Some people don't like school, but they go anyway because of the social aspect (friends, a good crush), but not Savannah. She'd gladly forego the social part of school if it meant no school at all.

9. Savannah is mostly little--small hands, small feet, little button nose, petite height. The only big things about her are her eyes, her smile, her hair and her heart.

10. Savannah's very selective about her crying. Rarely does she cry at a sad movie or hurt feelings. But she ALWAYS cries when she shares her testimony or she finds something funny. She laughs until she cries more than anyone I know. The only exception to this is that she cries during the Fleet Foxes music video when the deer dies.

11. Speaking of deer, Savannah loves animals. It used to be dogs. She was obsessed over dogs. Now it's all kinds of animals. She loves goats and lambs and Shetland ponies and pigs and cats. And yes, she still loves dogs. Someday she needs a small farm, preferably near the mountains so she could domesticate a deer.

12. Savannah loves children and elderly people. Her little cousins adore her. The resident's at our assisted living facility love her. She goes there almost every Saturday morning with her guitar and goes from room to room singing to the cute people, who know her by name.

13. Savannah loves good food, but isn't a fan of chocolate or ice cream. If I hadn't given birth to her, this alone would make me wonder if she was really mine.

14. Savannah loves the mountains. She loves to hike or go for drives into the mountains. It would be a challenge for her to live somewhere without them. Two things I hear regularly from her are, "Aren't the mountains glorious?" and "Just look how wonderful the mountains are."

15. Her best friend is her sister, Veronica. Very few things in life make me happier than this fact.

16. Savannah is beautiful. If you look at her, you know that. If you know her, you know it even more, because she's one of those people who is beautiful to look at, but as you get to know her, she just gets more and more beautiful.

Happy birthday, Sweet Sixteen Savannah. Our family is better because of you. I love you so much.


Leslie said...

i loved reading this.

i love savannah.

my most tender memory of savannah is right after aaron died. aaron jr wanted to be with her all the time for days and days. savannah would have wanted to be playing with her cousins, but she was willing to spend her time with this sweet little barely two year old who needed someone to be his companion when he wanted anything other than me. unless he was with me, he was leading savannah around and she was willing to do whatever he wanted her to do.

i love savannah.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this posting and i love it. I agree with all 16 points about Savannah. I had a private message exchange with her on her birthday, so i won't repeat it here. Only say, that I love Savannah. Happy Birthday sweet and beautiful granddaughter. Love you. Grandma Higginson