The State of Our Union - Taken from Blogger Hurl Ramone

Last night my kids had guitar lessons and a basketball game, so I was unable to watch The State of the Union address. Once we got home, I checked my emails and found a notice that one of my favorite bloggers, Matt Walsh, had posted his take on the address. In the comments was a link to another blog. Once I clicked on that link, I discovered Hurl Ramone. The night before the State of the Union Address, he'd posted his own take on the state of our union.

With his permission (thank you, Hurl) I'm going to share some of the highlights with you. It's well worth reading.

Tomorrow night the president will be giving his state of the union speech.  Odds are, it won't be watched by many.  Who wants to watch a pep rally where the head cheerleader  tells lie after lie   talks  for two hours? 

Because tomorrow's state of the union speech is predictable and because we know that this current president is going to read his teleprompter stating dishonest patriotic platitudes, I thought of something wiser and different for this president to do: 

Just replay last night's Grammy Awards instead of making a speech.

If you really want a true test of the state of our union, refer to pop culture.  Economics, war, social issues, health care... none of it matters if the state of the family and the spiritual state of our country is a mess.

There I said it... If the spiritual state of our country is in disarray, nothing else matters.

Certainly, we are being led by a  wolf in a sheep's clothing  questionable president but one man alone cannot destroy a nation. 

Pop culture is a reflection of our values.

I imagine if Rome had a Grammy's ceremony right before their fall, it would have looked a lot like last night's show.  I don't really need to breakdown every performance nor the lyrics to the songs that won shiny golden trophies.  Nor do I need to mention the countless times, words were muted by certain artists.  Nor do I really need to mention the celebration of promiscuity, drugs, drinking and every other indulgence known to man that is communicated to us through catchy songs ready to be digested by impressionable young people. 

I don't even really need to state the obvious force fed indoctrination that was being done during the awkward gay and straight wedding ceremony part of the show.  I could say how I found it disturbing to watch man marry man and woman marry woman during this SINGING award show but really, I would be wrong because the fact anyone was getting married during this show IS and was one of many things that personally bothered me.

Marriage is a union between two people in love under God.  It is cheapened when this holy union is used as a pawn during an awards show.  Say whatever you think about gay marriage.  I have my own views.  Last night, marriage as a whole was cheapened.

Certainly, the atheists probably prefer seeing people get married on a TV awards show that glorifies the ills of society versus being done in a church where a God fearing man pronounces the couple as one.

But before, I get into the atheists, I should mention that once again, another music awards ceremony attempted to condition us with these images and satanic symbols of the all seeing eye and baphomet (the goats head).  Believe what you want about these images but the fact remains, they are rooted in evil.   Refer to Jay Z's hero, Allister Crowley, if you don't understand the deep dark undertones and meaning of these images. 

Remember, nothing is a coincidence.
Nothing is an accident.

From the Grammys to the MTV Music Award Show to simple three minute music videos, we are being flooded with Satanic imagery.  There is no denying it.

The question is why?

My other question is where were the atheists?  Atheists spend a lot of time denouncing the existence of God and those who believe in Him.  They even make efforts to eliminate crosses, manger scenes during Christmas and replace Christ with  an X in the holiday known as Christmas.  Atheists spend a lot of energy trying to silence something they don't believe in and those who believe that very deity they don't believe in.  Why are they trying to silence something good but ignoring the enemy of God, the devil?

Certainly, if you don't believe in God, then you don't believe in Satan.  Why aren't atheists trying to silence the Satanists?  They desperately want to remove all Christian images and symbols from the public arena; all the while, they remain silent as Satanic images and symbols are flooding the Grammys and other awards shows.

It's ironic to me that two years ago, a Christian singer was one of the finalists on American Idol.  He was told by the producers to stop thanking Jesus because not only may it offend some people but turn them off from voting for him.  Colton Dixon ignored their demands.

So, one man on a singing audition show is told not to say Jesus while professional singers on an awards show are donning the goats head and no one says anything.  The atheists remain quiet.

Atheists like to blame religion for wars, Catholicism for pedophilia, and every other ill of society on believers.  I will say this:  Joseph Stalin killed three times as many people as Hitler.  He was an atheist.  That doesn't mean, atheists are murderers.  It means, Stalin was a bad guy.  Catholics don't molest children.  Bad people are placed in positions of power within the Catholic church and then abuse that power to take advantage of the innocent.

Bad people are to blame for the crimes against humanity.

Tomorrow night, President Obama will be giving the state of the union address.  I doubt, like every president before him, he will even mention God but if he does, it will just be a buzz word for this annual pep rally.

The state of our union is divided, weak and sick.

Don't believe me?  Watch last nights Grammys. 

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Jaime Lester said...

Thank you. That is all that I can think of to say. Every word spoken was the truth. And thank you for not being scared to post it. So once more, thank you!